A Year Of President Trump: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

On this day in 2017, Donald J. Trump became the 45th President of the United States. If you are an American citizen, Donald Trump is your president without exception. So now that President Trump has been in office for one year, we can finally have an idea of what his presidency will actually look like. No one could have predicted the occurrences of the first year of President Trump, regardless of how the hysterics have acted. What follows is the good, the bad, and the ugly of President Trump.

The Good


For every one new regulation enacted under Trump, twenty-two have been repealed. Trump has expressed his intentions to reduce America’s regulatory burden down to what it was in 1960. This mass deregulation should be applauded by advocates of the free market and private property. By allowing entrepreneurs to do what they do best, better and cheaper products will emerge and improve the lives of the people.


From rejecting the TPP, the Paris Climate Accord, to cutting UN funding, Trump has taken a hard stance against globalism. He should, however, extend this belief to his foreign policy. Trump has been a staunch advocate of putting America First, and he has done so by challenging the power of the UN and big government trade deals.

Health Freedom

President Trump has made both patients, doctors, and tax payers more free. Trump has signed part of Rand Paul’s healthcare plan which allows patients to purchase health insurance from across state lines. Doctors no longer have to perform abortions, and your tax dollars no longer fund the genocide of the unborn. In addition, President Trump eliminated the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate through the tax overhaul last month.

Long Run Wins for Freedom

Justice Neil Gorsuch. That alone should seal the deal on the fact that Trump has made a lifelong accomplishment for freedom. Appointing Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court Bench will go down in history. In addition to Gorsuch, Trump has appointed more constitutional judges to district and circuit courts than any other president. Also, Trump has allowed a Rothbardian to infiltrate the Department of Education.

Tax Cuts

Under President Trump, Congress passed an historic overhaul of the United States tax code. Under the new system, nearly every American will be stolen from less. Of course, the end of taxation is the end goal, but lower taxes is always better than higher taxes. Trump has signed a bill that not only effectively killed Obamacare, but also greatly reduced the average American’s tax burden.

The 2nd Amendment

For eight years, Americans had to hear President Obama drone on about how it is the gun’s fault every time a shooting happened. This is no longer the case. Every time a mass shooting has happened, Trump has maintained that the right to bear arms is a sacred right. I had my doubts he would do this due to his past endorsements of the Assault Weapons Ban. I am critical, however, of his willingness to be open to the idea of banning bump-stocks. But to say he is better than Clinton (and perhaps Gary Johnson) on guns is an understatement.

The Bad

Foreign Policy

Despite Trump’s vocal desire for diplomacy, his actions suggest otherwise. In April, Trump bombed Syria, and he hasn’t pulled out of Obama’s and Bush’s wars in the Middle East. Trump largely campaigned on non-interventionism. He lied. It seems that no matter whom you vote for, you will always get John McCain, as Tom Woods would say.

Trump also promised to put America First, but his willingness to dish out foreign aid to countries like Israel have me suspicious of this claim. If Trump truly wanted to put America First, he would end foreign aid, end the wars, and focus defense on the internal.

This foreign policy makes Trump’s anti-globalist stance lop-sided. It seems that Trump is perfectly okay with globalism so long as it is under a global American empire. This is not how you limit government. This is not how you reject the siren song of globalism. If Trump wishes to put America First, he must pursue non-interventionism.


President Trump fell victim to the deep state throughout his campaign. The Obama administration used FISA courts to spy on the Trump Campaign. Trump, nevertheless, has no problem with ignoring the 4th Amendment and spying on innocent Americans. President Trump must reform his views on the surveillance state and get a warrant if he suspects someone is a criminal. In addition to this, Trump avidly supports the NDAA, which allows the president to indefinitely detain any American for any reason.

Also, Trump’s appointment of Jeff Sessions and his empowerment of the Drug War demonstrates Trump’s belief that culture can be enforced through the State. If Trump wants to limit government, he must remove the federal government from regulating what someone puts into his own body.

The Economy

The stock market is booming. But this isn’t necessarily because of Trump. President Trump’s deregulations have done a lot to improve the economy of the US, but Trump is ignoring a much larger issue: the Federal Reserve. In fact, Trump has praised the work of Janet Yellen for keeping interest rates as low as possible. We all know that the Fed is artificially lowering interest rates. This is creating a bubble. Once this bubble bursts, the economy will collapse into a massive recession. It’s okay to ride this new tide of confidence under Trump, but a great crash is coming so long as the Federal Reserve has control over the money supply.

In addition, President Trump’s unyielding support of tariffs and sanctions will only damage the economy (as well as US Foreign Policy). Free trade (not free trade deals) is essential to a free society. It also brings about greater prosperity as the division of labor expands.

Along with these two detriments to the economy, Trump has no qualm with increasing federal spending. 2017 yielded a budget deficit greater than $600 billion. The 2018 budget that Trump currently supports will increase the deficit by more than $700 billion. The American people can bear only so much debt.

The Ugly

If there is something special about Trump, it is his exposure of the Left, the Republican Establishment, and the Mainstream Media. Trump has managed to out these groups as a bunch of authoritarian psychopaths who wish to run every aspect of your life. He has exposed the media above all else. It seems that no one trusts the mainstream media anymore after their blatant lies and biases were exposed.

The Best

Within one year of becoming president of the United States, President Trump has caused the federal government to shut down. How could a libertarian NOT celebrate that?

Liberty Hangout gives President Trump a C + for his first year in office. Although he has done a lot of good, his foreign policy, faith in the surveillance state, and belief in tariffs, sanctions, and deficit spending is worth concern. He’s not the best, but he’s certainly better than most. Of course, this wouldn’t even be an issue if we just ended the federal government.