It’s Time to Approach Communism the Way We Approach Nazism

By Alexander Katz:

Imagine you woke up one day and you learned that today’s youth support an ideology is responsible for the death of 52 million people. More so, this same ideology is responsible for selective eradication/imprisonment of groups individuals including homosexuals. You would cry foul of course! After all, there is no way today’s virtuous youth, the millennial generation, who pride themselves for their unwavering support for issues involving social justice and equality could support such an ideology! Unfortunately, in 2018, this is the reality we live in.


The ideology in question, Communism, has become increasingly popular with today’s youth: more than one in two U.S. millennials say they would rather live in a communist or socialist country than a capitalist one. More alarmingly so, this same demographic is completely unaware of the horrible atrocities committed in the name of Communism: more than 22% of millennials have a favorable view of Karl Marx and many see figures such as Joseph Stalin and Kim Jun Un in a positive light. Of course, this phenomenon did not occur in a vacuum. It is the result of a years-long disinformation campaign perpetuated by the left. Even more frightingly so, the American education system, which has a responsibility to teach the mistakes of history, has completely failed to teach our youth about the horrible atrocities which occurred under communist regimes. Clearly, to combat leftist propaganda, we need to revamp our education system to teach Communism the same way we teach other destructive ideologies such as Nazism.

One of the best ways to educate America’s youth about the dangers of Communism is to invite survivors of communist regimes to talk to students directly. The United States is home to thousands of people who escaped communist countries. Many of these survivors have seen what misery and sorrow communism can bring first hand. By having them share their stories of their suffering, students can get educated on the subject by a first primary source rather than getting the erroneous and washed down versions they receive from their bias teachers and textbooks.


Of course, the root of the issue falls squarely on the teachers who have increasingly moved to the left. Any revamping of the education system would first require that teachers are held accountable for spreading malevolent political messages. Imagine the backlash if we found teachers were instilling anti-immigration values to their students! The outcry would be enormous, liberal media pundits would be crying for their heads! So why is there not a similar response towards teachers who promote an ideology that literally led to the genocide of minorities? Since we cannot expect the liberal controlled media to call out this double standard, it is time for the Trump administration to take action and root out the spread of this dangerous in our school systems. The Department of Education, needs to start investigating teachers who try to spread their pro-communist views to students. Offending teachers should face punishment including termination. Only once teachers realize that spreading their politics in class can lead to real professional consequences, will the liberal brainwashing in our schools stop.