Conservative Students Receive Threats for Defending Kaitlin Bennett at Ohio University

When Kaitlin Bennett visited Ohio University’s campus this past Monday to film a Presidents Day trivia video, she was met by a violent mob of students. Caught in the fray were two conservative girls who bravely stood up for Bennett in the middle of the mob. Here is their story.

The following is an account from Ohio University student Madison Leckrone.

On Monday when Kaitlin had came down to Ohio University, Gabee and I had been verbally assaulted by being told that we should kill ourselves and that we were c**** for supporting you.

We had been called everything in the book.  We were harassed by the group as we had left and gone on with our day, and onto the days that had come to follow. We were told we deserve to be jump or “to be jumped on site”, and we were also yelled at on our walk to class.

We were honestly taken back and disappointed that our fellow peers had acted like this and attacked their own classmates because we had a difference of opinion. My mom and dad had raised me with respect for other people even if I do not agree with what they are saying, and I wish that others were too.

I do not believe that we deserved to be treated like that at all. We were expressing our first amendment right in a peaceful and calm manner. We are proud of standing up for our beliefs and not backing down.

What happened was not right and I wish people would realize that and make change for the future.

The following is an account from Ohio University student Gabee Fisher.

Normally I am not one for political post or even anything pertaining to politics, but in this case I feel the need to speak up a little. On Monday Kaitlin Bennett came to Ohio University. I have watched all of her videos as we share a lot of the same views. I went to support her and talk to her like any fan would. I have heard the term “liberal school” but I never quite understood what that meant until now.

While I was there supporting her I was chanted “f you” at. I was told I should be jumped, and I was asking to be jumped by supporting her along with being called other names.

The behavior that is exhibited in this video was absolutely appalling to me. Just because somebody doesn’t share the same political views with you, they should be jumped? Or you attack them in a mob?

It took everything in me to not tell those liberals yelling at me that they are so out of line. It was embarrassing. I couldn’t imagine acting like this if somebody I didn’t care for came to campus.

Kaitlin has talked about coming back and I will be there to support her just like we were the first time. I’m very proud for what I stood for and how I executed myself and my behavior. I’m very proud to be raised the way I was!

A supporter of Kaitlin’s setup a GoFundMe to reward Madison and Gabee with a conservative scholarship for their bravery. You can visit the GoFundMe here to show your support.