Liberal Student Calls Kaitlin Bennett’s Black Security Guards “Monkeys”

Earlier this week, Liberty Hangout’s Kaitlin Bennett attended the University of Southern Florida to converse with students about the upcoming election. Last month, Bennett visited USF’s rival school, the University of Central Florida, and was greeted by a mob of outraged liberals and Black Lives Matter supporters. She was met with a similar presence on USF’s campus this week.

Students shouted at Bennett throughout her entire visit, yelling obscenities such as “pee pee poo poo” and chanting that she is a racist. However, one liberal student upset by Bennett’s visit used a noun many consider to be a highly offensive racial slur to describe her black security guard.

Allie Hussar, a student at the University of Southern Florida, shared Bennett’s photo from USF on Twitter and said, “Apparently the circus and all of her monkeys came to town today? Bummed I couldn’t be there and even more disappointed that a university that promotes and thrives on student diversity allowed this to go on for so long. Do better @USouthFlorida.”

The word ‘monkey’ has a long history of being used as a racial slur against African Americans as a means of dehumanizing them. In 2018, tv star Roseanne Barr had her show canceled after comparing Barack Obama’s senior advisor Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

Bennett, who has always condemned racism in all forms, responded to the tweet by proclaiming, “The only racism I ever see comes from liberals like Allie.”

Hussar responded to allegations that she used a racial slur by claiming that she did not mean to direct it towards anyone’s race, but social media wasn’t buying it.