Liberty Hangout Launches News Show: Liberty Power Hour

Friends of liberty and enemies of socialism, we are pleased to announce to you that a brand new program is entering the Liberty Hangout lineup. Liberty Hangout is proud to introduce Liberty Power Hour, a new program that will stream news shows on Mondays at 8 pm EST at

The purpose of Liberty Power Hour is to provide libertarian interpretations of current events from various perspectives within the tent of the Liberty Movement. This podcast will be unlike other podcasts in the fact that there are six hosts, each with differing opinions on topics that affect us everyday. In addition, audience members will be able to call into the show throughout the program. But on to the hosts!

Having endured socialism early on in India, Anurup is an honors graduate from Illinois Tech with two bachelors degrees in mechanical and materials engineering. He currently works as an automation engineer for a large automation manufacturer. His passions include product design, mixing music, agriculture, criminal justice reform, as well as individual and economic freedom.

Dustin Rush, Jr. was born and raised in Iowa. He is a Political Science Major and a liberty enthusiast. Dustin was a part of the 2016 Rand Paul for President and US Senate campaigns. Dustin is the individual that proposed the idea of Liberty Power Hour.

Mackenzie Vieth was born and raised in Missouri. Mackenzie discovered libertarianism less than two years ago when a friend sat her down for coffee one morning. She now spends her time traveling to campuses across her state and to conventions across the country in cosplay, educating students and nerd culture alike about the philosophy of liberty.

Matthew Chaffin is a political enthusiast currently pursuing a double major in business/economics and biology. Raised in Illinois, Matthew’s skepticism of the State and its functions only grew as his home state’s economy declined.

TJ Roberts is a student of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. A journalist, TJ has covered multiple protests and events since he has graduated high school, and prides himself for asking Bernie Sanders if taxation is theft. TJ was a campus coordinator for Students for Rand Paul and is the Kentucky coordinator of the Adam Kokesh presidential campaign. TJ is dedicated to promoting liberty and natural law with his life.

Yusuf Mahmood is an Economics and Philosophy double major at the University of Maryland. He is also a dedicated activist for classical liberalism. Yusuf is dedicated to communicating the ideas of liberty so everyone can see how liberty will benefit them as it is the greatest way to avoid conflicts. He is currently the Young Americans for Liberty Maryland State Chair, and a Campus Coordinator for Students for Liberty.

This program will start out by streaming once per week, but we do anticipate growth and we do intend to stream on more days than just Mondays. We will also be announcing a call-in number soon.

Be sure to tune into Liberty Power Hour’s premiere episode on May 22nd at 8pm EST.