Ron Paul Agrees With Liberty Hangout: Calls NFL Protests Cultural Marxist, Urges Boycott

On Monday, we at Liberty Hangout released an article explaining the cultural Marxist roots of the recent NFL protests, much to the disdain of the post-Gary Johnson libertarian community. Despite the fact that Liberty Hangout has strongly opposed any and all forms of government censorship, readers were insistent that were bombarding us with false allegations.

On Tuesday, however, Liberty Hangout gained quite the ally: former Congressman Ron Paul. In an interview with Alex Jones, Paul stated that the NFL protest “has nothing to do with government and free speech; it has nothing to do with the first amendment; but it has a lot to do with what the cultural marxists are trying to do.” Paul also maintained that it is the right of the owners of the NFL to shut down these actions, all the while encouraging viewers to boycott the NFL until the protests end. Feel free to watch the full video here.

The congressman and father of the modern liberty movement also called for the people to demand that the government no longer give a penny to the NFL as it is just the government bribing the NFL “to promote super nationalism and militarism.” This mainstream “support for the empire” at the expense of the victims of taxation ought to be stopped as well. So long as the NFL proceeds to play as a pawn to the military industrial complex and the cultural marxists, a freedom lover ought to avoid watching the NFL, though I will not stop you from doing so.

This right to express outrage, boycott, and encourage others to join also extends to the president. While it may not be a “presidential” thing to do, Trump has every right to express outrage at the conduct of the NFL officials and players. What he does not have the right to do is to censor these individuals, which he has not attempted to do yet. So far, president Trump has done nothing incompatible with the non-aggression principle regarding the issue of the NFL, but I will write a follow up if and when he does.

Free speech is important, but so is the right to association and disassociation. Your right to an opinion does not necessitate my agreement with your stupid opinions. Your existence does not obligate me to be your friend, or even attempt to be your friend. Liberty is found in property rights. So if one calls me anti-liberty for supporting the right of the people to disassociate as they please, perhaps the accuser should look in a mirror and realize that he is not a libertarian; he is a libertine dedicated to forced integration and the destruction of personal responsibility and the right to disassociate.