Gun Control Advocates Threaten to Kill Conservative Woman for Graduation Photo

Last Sunday, Liberty Hangout’s Kaitlin Bennett, a graduate from Kent State University, exercised her Second Amendment rights by posing with an AR-10 for her graduation photos.

While Ohio Law allows for non-students to open carry on campus, the tolerant Left responded to this by threatening to kill Miss Bennett.


Here we see Chip McLaughlin urging Ms. Bennett to commit suicide. In addition, we have a “dyllama” threatening to initiate physical force against the recent graduate. The Left’s response over twitter was just as hateful and violent.

Here, one can see an incoming Freshman at Kent State named Troy Miller threatening violence against anyone who exercises their right to self defense (seems like a bad idea if you ask me).

Next we have an individual claiming that Ms. Bennett should be enslaved to the government simply because she carries a gun. It’s interesting how the Left hates guns, but seems to love war now so long as it kills people with whom they disagree. I guess the trotskyism of both the Left and the Neoconservatives has been fully revealed.

And finally we have another tolerant leftist, who seems to have a problem with white people, expressing her desire to kill Ms. Bennett.

Some of the more “tame” comments from leftist punks on Twitter included questions along the line of “why do you need an AR-15, or guns in general?” The answer was given for them. You need a gun to defend yourself from those who would use violence against you for having a difference of opinion. On May 4th, 1970, the government killed 4 unarmed protestors at Kent State. If those protestors were libertarians or conservatives, the Left would celebrate that day.

The Left is evil. If you live with cultural values that is different than theirs, if you live with a respect for capitalism, if you live with a respect for God, if you live with a respect for culture, if you live with respect for anything, the Left will violently terrorize you. Antifa is not a fringe movement to the Left, it is the mainstream. The Left has been reduced to a bunch of brainless swine who will use violence to get what they want. That’s why you need a gun, to defend yourself against a totalitarian government or a leftist mob hell bent on revoking your rights.