Basketball Player With No College Education Calls Trump Voters Uneducated

This week, President Trump came under heavy fire from Hollywood critics and star athletes after suggesting that football players who kneel for the national anthem should lose their jobs.

Among these was none other than NBA superstar LeBron James, who was on the offense against Trump the entire week.

LeBron’s attacks on Trump all started after Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry was disinvited from coming to the White House. LeBron took to Twitter to say that showing up at the White House was an honor until Trump became President.

But his attacks on Trump didn’t end there.

Earlier today, the 32 year old with no college education went on to call Trump voters “uneducated.”

“At the end of the day, I don’t think a lot of people was educated. And I think that’s one of the biggest problems that we have. When it becomes vote time, people are just not educated on either the individual or what’s going on in the state of the world right now. … I don’t think a lot of people are educated and they make choices and say things that are uneducated.”

Very interesting that the 32-year old high school graduate who says “I don’t think a lot of people was educated” would accuse others of being uneducated.

Never stop projecting, leftists.