YouTuber Arrested for Defending Herself After Being Assaulted by Antifa

Image source: Twitter

Earlier today, May Day rallies ensued across the country, as communists protested for worker “rights”, social justice, and egalitarianism.

While most clashes between the left and right have taken place in California of late, the most notable conflict today came in the People’s Republic of New York.

Rising Internet star and conservative activist Brittany Venti was on the scene in Union Square to film the events and participate in a counter protest. The tolerant leftists on the scene would not tolerate dissent, however, and assaulted Brittany with a sign.

Brittany defended herself from her attacker, and yet she was promptly arrested instead of the assailant.

Brittany reported to her Twitter followers at 7:34pm EST that she was released from prison.

This type of left wing extremism cannot be allowed to continue. Please join Liberty Hangout in declaring May Communism Awareness Month, and help us to spread the truth about this dangerous ideology.