I am a Leftist But an Alien Among My Leftist Peers

By Kai-Ave Douvia

I am a person of color. I am Puerto Rican and Native American. I am a social democrat. I am a leftist but an alien among my peers. Freedom of speech has been championed by the left for many years, just ask Martin Luther King, Jr or perhaps Rosa Parks, but today we see a different beast- one with the name of social justice.

Movements like Black Lives Matter use censorship through barring PoC that don’t fit the struggling minority narrative, nor do they allow white allies to participate due to their inability to comprehend “oppression”.  I have personally witnessed a BLM protest in which all white people were told to sit down and be silent, a case of social silencing. Leftists have created a new ally, and that is censorship. Public institutions are now backing this and the silent majority are now even more oppressed.

At The Evergreen State College in Washington State, a civil war has started, one that involves the dominant leftist, collectivist ideology, and those who are fighting for individualism. I have spearheaded this movement by posting a counter-post to what a popular black femme activist had said. The post called for a class aimed at specifically having “brown/black” people to further studies in multiculturalism and PoC media. This ironically is rather exclusive to a majority of the school, even though social justice calls for total inclusiveness. In the spur of the moment I posted a rebuttal, a nearly word for word recreation of the post, the only difference being that this class is targeting whites. Needless to say, the responses came flooding in, highlighting the political polarity of this university and the rash mindset of the modern left. Rather than respectfully responding and having civil discourse, I was then threatened and/or insulted by many so called “inclusive activists”, leading to me to contacting the police for protection. This highlights a massive issue- the left is now mobilizing against itself to push its overused rhetoric on every free thinker, and if you disagree well, welcome to being every “-ist” in the book.

I now have become public enemy number one. My friends have received threats as well as been targets for mass attacks on social media, and have been forced to flee campus, even the city, out of fear. On Monday, a rally was held on how to silence me and my friends. Claims have now been made that since I spoke out against a black student, I am now racist (regardless of my brown skin). I have been confronted in the cafeteria and violently threatened with someone mere inches from my face shouting, telling me to stop what I am doing, followed by an entourage of others insulting me. All of this happened while the staff told people not to call the police, showing utter disregard for my well being. Even after all of this, they targeted my positions as a board member of my state’s public interest and research group (WashPIRG) whilst disregarding my first amendment right and trying to silence me.

As of recent, a rally has been held to “stop” me. The group is actively trying to silence my actions through aggressive mannerisms like empty threats and going through the administration of the university. I have now been publicly shamed by multiple different individuals while walking around campus. I decided to visit the rally and see their exact intentions. Upon entering I was insulted, called out, cursed out, and then told to be silent. I tried to speak but was physically pulled out of the room by a college staff member (for “safety”) whilst the entire room proceeded to insult and belittle me. Now, these issues are not uncommon, these issues are now the norm among the college left. Through modes of collectivism, racism is now being normalized on mass scales, just in reverse. I have been told I do not act like a PoC, however, generalizing and stereotyping how a race should act is an inherently racist action within itself. To fix this, I call upon all leftists who share my ideas of individualism to create a “new left”. But above all, this new left needs to accept that Free Speech is among the most sacred rights for human beings.

Collectivized mindsets in regards to race is incorrect all within itself due to not taking into account actions of any individuals or any traits of individuals. This mindset assumes that any individual with a shade of brown skin has the same beliefs as one another and assumes that all PoC will stand as allies with another regardless of individual characteristics or traits. Individuality allows for a society void of racism where race doesn’t matter, where one can be judged off of merit and not judged off of your skin color and how you weaponize it.

The “new left” will need to embody social beliefs of individuality whilst still on track with their current economic beliefs. Many leftists share this same mentality with me but have been silenced or afraid to speak against the vocal minority in fear of situations such as mine arising. I want this to be a message to those of us who are being silenced, censored, and targeted and to those of us afraid to speak out, that I stand in solidarity with those who are brave enough to take on the current left and bring about a change to better our society as a whole.