What is the Deep State and Can Anything Be Done About It?

Greetings Liberty Lovers,

President Trump has been in office for just a little more than a month now, and the political environment couldn’t be wilder. But not for the reasons one would expect. Today I will be going into detail on a topic that many Americans are completely clueless of. I have written pieces mentioning the deep state and its activities, but today I will cover what the Deep State is, and how we should respond to it as a movement.

The Deep State is not just one group, or organization. The Deep State is composed of multiple groups and individuals within multiple federal and state agencies that span across the entire government. These are the positions that are unelected, classified, and compartmentalized. These are the positions high within the CIA, NSA, and other alphabet agencies.

These positions are not restricted to just these agencies though. They also include private corporations that span many sectors of industry such as: tech, finance, aerospace, defense, biotech, chemical, pharmaceutical, mainstream media, and more.

The “bottom half” of the Deep State would be made up of people who came into the system through government/military affiliation. These are typically government/military/intelligence assets. The “top half” would be those who became involved through political aspects such as law. Within these sectors of government and corporatist control is a unified agenda. The Nation laid out what that agenda is for us when they published Cloward and Piven. Now this assortment of assets and relationships has created an independent, unified, decentralized network within the centralized power structure. Right now, the goal is to seize, maintain control, and direct the narrative of the western world through the centralized power structure.

These are the assets who carry out the black programs. These are the assets that drive circumstance that allows more consolidation of power within the state. These are the people who direct our foreign policy, both on the sides of war and economic terrorism. These are the positions of government that keep things moving behind the scenes, so to speak. These interests, that control the state from behind the scenes, are more easily seen when the political climate changes, and these sections of government respond, unknowingly flagging the interests of their controllers through their actions.

It is critical to understand that each sector of the deep state functions like a department. I’m also going to contrast this difference of “above” and “below.”  So for instance, it should go without saying that pharmaceutical companies probably have little to do with a geopolitical event such as Bhenghazi. But one doesn’t need advanced degrees to see that they lobby with the state to maintain a monopoly of control over their market and the products allowed into said market. Pharmaceutical companies are largely responsible for lobbying against cannabis, but it’s when the departments of state such as the FDA and DEA make illegal moves on behalf of pharmaceutical conglomerates that you can see that corporatist relationship.

This would be considered an “above” activity, because although I can illustrate where the state is conspiring with pharmaceutical companies against the interests of non pharmaceutical actors in a corporatist alliance, this activity does not subvert any narratives. It happens out in the open, publicly. There may be controversy about departmental activity which will get politicized into nothing in the news cycles to follow the event, but it’s not an event that needs to be sanitized and removed from public opinion. Generally speaking, these activities are known, and they are carried out in the open. They are published and they generate discussion. This is also usually the territory of the corporatist. They have no need to fear the media, as it usually works for them. Just about any corporatist conglomerate you would like to name generally operates on this level of public knowledge.

Now for the “Below” activity. These are the actions that are best kept from public opinion, and the state will go to great lengths to keep them that way. (That Clinton body count though.) These generally are government activities that are carried out by the state in secret. It is worth noting that although typically state assets carry out these activities, it’s not always strictly so. The complexity of these events typically demand that the state is required to maintain perceptional control over the masses via the media. This is done because if you are completely unaware of something, it is not a part of your reality.

More importantly, that thing does exist, and can do as it pleases in the shadows, completely out of the mental reality of the general public.  The truth behind these events are never meant to be part of public opinion. If the event is published or reported on, typically the state will run a generalized story in the media to cloak its activity, but there will be 0-1% truth in that story.

Here is an example of one of these stories getting published. “A small victory for free trade as CAFTA passes.” If you read my article on the circumstances surrounding that agreement, then you already know what has been obscured from public view, 99% of the truth. It is really very simple. Maintain the monopoly of information on the event. Only disseminate the information you want public about said event. Demonize anyone who says anything otherwise.

This is where all the really shady stuff happens. The worst. This is where the state hides the greatest atrocities it commits because well, it can (#PizzaGate). If you are an ambitious journalist, this is where you will find the best stories and take the most risk in trying to get them published. Remember Fast and Furious, the government op and not the movie? This is a fantastic example of this sort of activity. This was an event taking place for subversive purposes to manipulate the economic circumstances of a foreign nation, to create an environment that is beneficial for the Deep State’s larger agendas. This was an event that was never meant to be public. It was never meant to be known to anyone besides those instructed to carry out the activity and those giving the instructions. The purpose for that is when the circumstances manifest in reality for the state to take advantage of, the state simply seizes the benefit of the situation. The appearance is not given that the state had anything to do with the circumstances it gets to take advantage of. Problem, reaction, solution.

Communism, socialism, leftism, this is all trash popularized by the state. Its only purpose is to erode the social norms of property rights. Every single leftist out there has been programmed to do just that. They are not aware of their role, and it is not necessary that they are, for them to be effective. Even if you tell them, they just cog dis it away.

Leftism in a nutshell: Emotional feel good propaganda for emotionally based individuals. They have been conditioned to be such, triggered by psychological exploits in evolutionary biology delivered in video, audio, and text. Before everyone makes the jump saying conservatives are no better, false. Now, it is absolutely true if you follow the state crafted narratives for conservatives, it can be just as destructive to society. But conservatism itself is firmly seated in strong moral values and property rights. Yes, that perception is distorted through Constitutionalism, which is further distorted to “Rights come from the state”, as that benefits the narratives/agendas of the deep state. But this reason is also why it is so much better to try to convert conservatives to liberty rather than liberals. Making the jump from Constitutionalism to self-ownership and property rights is a much shorter one than “It’s ok to use force against others to make them provide for me what I choose not to learn how to provide for myself because reasons” to the same conclusion.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. We are at war. We are at war with the Deep State. The result of the battle being fought now will determine whether or not violence occurs in the streets on any grand scale. But don’t get it twisted. This is not a call to arms. The battle is not being fought in the streets. The battle is being fought in the minds of the ignorant.

Alex Jones is 100% correct with the statement “There is a war on for your mind.” If Liberty oriented individuals do not begin to reach out to the other 3/4s of the American population that are not Democrats and begin converting them to liberty, life is going to get real bad. Just because there has been a global shift in public opinion on large-scale in the western world absolutely does not mean that the puppet masters who pull the strings of the deep state have given up or gone home. It means they have gone on the offensive from a position of disadvantage with the results of the 2016 elections. This is the time for the liberty movement to strike and strike hard. Let’s set the frame, and here is exactly how it needs to be done.

First and foremost, stop validating leftist opinions!  We already know that leftists have no understanding of economics nor any desire to try to learn. We already know property rights are subjective to them based on how they feel about the topic at hand. We already know all the flaws in their arguments. We already know there is nothing to be gained by having a discussion. So for the very same reason you do not validate a toddler who is throwing a fit by trying to rationalize why their position is illogical mid tantrum, you deny them attention entirely. Let that toddler blow off steam somewhere where they can’t do harm to their self or others while the adults have a reasonable discussion away from the children. You should already know this results in free advertising. Take advantage. Furthermore, if the Libertarian Party is any indicator of the results of being inclusive of the left, it should illustrate the same results as putting highly concentrated poison into a glass of water and drinking it. This point is first for a reason. It is needed to build the other points upon by creating environments that are conducive to cultivating libertarian thought and ideological progression. If leftists are included into your forum, your forum will become trash. It’s that simple.

Next up, engage all the appropriate demographics! Now that we have sanitized all of our forums for discussion from leftists and can have productive conversation, it’s time to spread the word of liberty far and wide. We need to reach out to people, but at the same time those who already agree with our ideas will convert easier than those who do not. According to CNN, almost 63 million voted for Trump and almost 66 million for Clinton. That tells us we have almost 63 million voters who are prime targets for advertising, and that there are almost 66 million people who just need to be outright ignored immediately. If we round up, that is roughly 130 million. A quick google search says the total US population as of 2014 is 318 million. That means there are roughly 188 million people out there waiting to hear about liberty.

Yes, I know there are young and old and those that won’t care no matter what, but that is still a huge untapped market waiting for libertarian thought. Publications, social media outlets, social groups, or any forum should have the aim in mind of educating its subscribers. Education and marketing are two huge problems facing the grassroots liberty movement. Everyone who can provide an environment that allows ideological progression is literally making the world a better place. If they are successfully connecting with new minds and having them join the discussion and become proficient in liberty, they are literally advancing liberty where it needs to occur, in the minds of the ignorant. Public education may be everywhere, but social media is now too. Everyone can gain access to social media advertising with a few clicks. Use it.

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk. Guess what, ignoring statism does not fight statism. Ignoring statism does not advance liberty. While the cultivation of libertarian minds is in effect anywhere libertarians can create discussion and reach new minds, libertarians need to pass libertarian policy that enhances liberty and removes authority from the state. This can be done a multitude of ways and I won’t bother listing them all here. But if no libertarian legislation makes it into the system, the best case scenario is that our legal environment remains the same. This is not acceptable nor will it achieve the means of advancing liberty through populism. Those being educated need to be able to see the results of their ideological efforts. No greater proof can be given to someone than to see a thing happen as described for the truthful reasons given. Especially if that person is right-leaning to begin with, facts and logic will speak to them in the long run, even if they need help getting there from the title of Republican today.

Getting libertarian legislation into the system will provide people with more resources. If people have more resources available to them, it is easier for them to be effective at what they do. For the masses, this will provide more prosperity and make life in general a little easier, depending on the legislation. For those concerned with seriously advancing liberty, the more legislation that can be brought in faster will provide the greatest impact on reality. This provides greater proof for liberty oriented individuals in the future who will want those facts in the form of data and history to make their case for those who need to hear it in the future.

If the Liberty movement as a whole can be successful in introducing legislation into the system and passing it, it should become easier over time to get libertarians in office. If libertarians just check the “R” box when they run for office, they will find their political journey a little easier. Besides, I’m no longer sure if there is any meaningful difference between the LP and DNC besides proximity to Deep State influence. As long as liberty oriented candidates are reducing the size and power of the state, I will support those actions as they by virtue of nature make the world more free.

This is what needs to be done in our lifetime. There is no better time than right now. If we do not at least change the paradigm of eroding liberty to that of restoring liberty, we all sell our future children into guaranteed economic slavery under statism from debt we didn’t even individually incur, through deals that bind no one to anything. Just like how our forefathers consigned us into slavery under statism with the Constitution. If a new generation of libertarians can go out and educate more libertarians, effectively market the word of liberty, pass libertarian legislation, and get more libertarians in office regardless of actual title, libertarians can actually cause enough impact at a large enough level to bring their vision of freedom into the world by popularity.

And just like we see today against the current Trump administration, the Deep State will effectually be concerned with strategizing to gain control. It’s much better for every US citizen if the Deep State can be kept preoccupied with the concern of how to control itself rather than how to screw all of us. President Trump stands in a position of advantage that is a net win for everyone. This is a status we can all take advantage of right now this second, and maintain as time goes on.

This is a very simple plan individuals and groups alike can incorporate into their efforts. We can all work together as a team yet independently as individuals. People can commit to it as much or as little as they would like. This is really the same thing the left has done in my lifetime. The only difference is time is not our friend and I’m proposing a different delivery system. We also don’t really have the ability to flood society with our message like the left has been able to do either. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that we all do what we can to make liberty popular.

Followers follow. That doesn’t have to change. But as long as there are more people marching toward communism than there are those marching toward liberty while we live in a democracy, we are losing. So what will it be? Take action now while the opportunity awaits? Or do nothing and watch communism occur?


-Kush Freeman
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