Open Borders is a Gov’t Program: A Case Study Into the Causes of Mass Migration

Greetings Liberty Lovers,

Muh Borders just seems to be a topic that just won’t go away. The topic remains because the argument isn’t going anywhere. The argument doesn’t go anywhere because nobody understands the argument or the problem. Today I’m going to explain how short sighted this argument is to everyone, and if you still don’t understand, then you are beyond my help. Chances are if you are reading my article you watched the recent Kokesh vs Cantwell debate. I will only briefly mention that I was expecting a much larger answer on muh borders from Chris, and this article is the reason why. Before I dive into the totality of muh borders, I’m going to explain a comparison and why it’s valid; USA as a nation compared to private property.

“We” as in taxpayers are a group who collectively fund the government here. You could also say that we mutually “own” property. There is a system of governance that has two radically opposed parties but will let anyone pass a law if it is popular enough. The catch is that 9/10 times that law will never come off of the books and it will be enforced at gunpoint. This certainly does not cover every detail of our society, but the comparison holds water. Now it’s time for you to learn something. Let’s begin.

Before we do anything, we are going to learn what Cloward and Piven is. And before we do that we are going to learn about the publication that printed it, The Nation. It was founded in 1865 by radical communists. It is a leftist publication that is the furthest to the left in America. They supported the Bolshevik revolution. They were in opposition to anti-communist policy after WW2 and generally supported the communists. So let there be no confusion about the type of mind that crafted this idea. TL;DR: “We just need to allow the government to have a higher claim to currency than everyone so it can decide what to do with money for everyone.” So for those of you who do not understand the implications of the magnitude of such legislation, or the type of economic catastrophe it would entail to be jammed through by the MSM, this is not a feel good suggestion of helping the poor. This is literally surrendering all control of money to the state regardless of who’s possession it is in by creating economic circumstances so bad that this solution will seem like the only reasonable answer to the plebs when run through the problem, reaction, solution format of the media. Leftists are batshit crazy.

So we have an immigration problem. The left says we should let people wonder around wherever they want because I guess borders have nothing to do with private property. Borders also apparently only apply to statist applications and anyone who says such is a statist and if they deny it that’s proof of their statism. Kafkatrap harder bro. The right has a spectrum of opinion ranging from white nationalism to citing the economic effects of trying to sustain services to a population when a large influx of new people are coming onto the property, and being paid to come and live on the property on the tab of all who pay to fund the services. This is not an exact representation of the arguments, but still nails the general topics of both sides. Then the argument devolves from there. Why? Why is “Why?” the question nobody asks? Why is illegal immigration a thing to begin with? What’s causing it? Wouldn’t that be an important factor to understand?

Before we discuss what is causing the immigration, we are going to set the stage by adding a little history to the scenario. This will add context to the local political climate in the areas we will be speaking of. We are going to examine Honduras, and we are going to go back to January 27, 2006. On this day, neo-liberal puppet Manuel Zelaya was elected president. For our more astute readers, it’s worth mentioning that an interesting trade deal went into effect on March 1, 2006 in Honduras. The deal was called CAFTA, it involved multiple nations, it was voted on here in the states in June of 05 and was signed into law by Bush that following August.

It would seem some shadow entity who I will leave nameless overplayed their hand attempting to seize power quickly by attempting to extend presidential term limits. The story goes that these rustled jimmies kicked off a military coup that had Zelaya physically removed from office on June 28, 2009. But that is where the rabbit hole begins. It turns out the coup was completely illegal (weird) and that the US government was completely aware of the circumstances by July 24th, 2009 in a cable stating such. Now if we take a look at propegandapedia, you will notice something fun. Let me state the obvious for those who are a little behind yet that wiki can be regarded as a good source of state narrative. Now, this did occur. But what makes this interesting is that it’s a large and rather obvious message regarding a shadowy, whom’s narrative is being pushed forward here. The White House never spoke out publicly denouncing the coup, illegal or otherwise, even in spite of frequent human rights violations occurring by the hand of the Honduran government.

So now that we have a little bit of background, let’s take a look at what is causing this migration. In a report put out by the American Immigration Council, they conclude the primary motivator of illegal immigration is the high probability of being subject to “gang violence.” The state claims to be engaging in behavior that acts as a deterrent. This is arguably true through the eyes of most because when the state is threatening to cage people, plebs don’t view that as advertising. Be that as it may, dropping leaflets and running ads talking about ‘don’t go to America for your own good’ was heeded little. The context of the message doesn’t change the fact that it still is incentivizing travel to the United States. Mexico enforcing illegal immigration to stop the northern migration of immigrants only raises the risk factor. Fortune only rewards the bold, and having friends and family talking about the pot of gold being on the other side of the border and a political party in the US government that is the majority that has your back, as well as a free ride, is a pretty powerful motivating incentive.

If you are living in poor, violent conditions, wouldn’t you want a shot at the promise land? There are more incentives that run in tandem, but I will get to that in a moment. This report says the US government was specifically targeting families, women, and children. And despite the fact that there are statistics to prove deportations are happening, there are still things like this that make one go hmmm, or at least should. I’m not asserting the deportations are not happening, but we do know the government is trying to funnel as many people in as it can, and further proof of that will be shown here shortly. The report goes on to conclude that a spectrum of motivation for migration has been identified. That being, someone who has experienced no circumstantial violence in relation to local environment vs someone who has had one or more interactions with violence. The greater the exposure to violence, the higher the probability of migration. Now see how I was able to just roll over all that but now how many are wondering what is causing this “gang violence?” Now for my tandem items.

We know some vague term of “gang violence.” That shouldn’t impress you because all that really says is violence perpetrated by groups rather than by individuals. We are going to examine further than this. Let’s see what gang violence is as well as any other local factors present that may incentivize someone to consider traveling from Central America to the US on foot, even though Mexico is actively deporting “refugees” trying to get across their border and there is concrete proof that the government is engaged in a higher level of activity of deportations.

Let’s take a closer look at crime. “Since 2010, Honduras has had one of the highest murder rates in the world.” The events in 2010 began the cycle of violence. Remember that coup and that trade deal we talked about? But let’s take a closer look still. From the last reports, all we really know about gang violence is that MS13 and Barrio 18 are responsible for most of it, but that is still rather vague.

We will now review a report put out by the Migration Policy Institute. This report is going to inform us of a few things. First, that this is an ongoing problem. Next, we learn there are many other local factors that contribute to incentivizing the local population to migrate elsewhere. We know that gang violence has been severe and that murder rates have been through the roof since 2010, even though we still haven’t explained the why behind that, but don’t worry, I’ll get to it. Honduras is a poor country with a stagnant and struggling economy that has not done very well this century. There has also been a terrible drought plaguing Honduras, further diminishing agricultural opportunity both for the farmers who produce, and for farmhands who need their jobs. Not to mention those who can’t afford to weather their environment going bankrupt.

Beyond the economic impact on the agricultural markets, you have the resource of water itself becoming much more scarce, which will also impact human action in multiple ways. You can’t live somewhere if you can’t get water, right? This report also tells us that the intensity of these incentives that motivate the Honduran population also fluctuate in strength with the ebb and flow of the domestic conditions of the country. We learn that the Obama administration has put forth efforts to bring migrants into the country, further raising the incentive to come to America. “Not only are they taking people in, they are trying to take as many as they can!” Powerful word of mouth/psychological motivation/incentive. Hang onto that line because I’m also going to illustrate perception as well in just a bit. We learn that a nation build.., I mean development assistance package for $750 million was approved for the region. I wonder how many guns you could buy with $750 million… We also learn that a mysterious Zika outbreak happened there. There are also some other interesting points raised in that report, but I won’t mention them here.

Time for the why behind the crime. Crime doesn’t just spontaneously manifest from nothing, especially when we already know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this crime is a continuous and ongoing problem that fluctuates in severity as time goes on. We know that a huge trade deal involving the US and Honduras took place. We know that funding has been voted on and passed for spending in this region. We know that there are US military bases in Honduras. The US influence in Honduras is strong and obvious. Is Honduras even Honduras?

The reason for the crime is an unprecedented influx of guns. Honduras is the “source” of these weapons. The Honduran government blames the freedom of firearm possession, but the freedom of firearm possession doesn’t explain an explosion of weapons that had to be shipped there from somewhere else. If we look at this like a geopolitical strategist, I can ship guns into my own country, which is really just one of my assets, and when the plebs cry, I’ll tell them its because they are allowed to have guns in the first place. Which works out really well if you have a country as your personal asset abroad that you are parasitically sucking all value from via leftist policy.

While the Honduran government is taking advantage of the local situation, the cable mentioned paints a perfectly clear picture of where the guns are coming from and how. Also how many guns are we talking about here? So many guns the local authorities have been overwhelmed and their storage capacities full, making excellent places to target if you want lots of guns for little effort. There are so many guns that the influx is flowing into the surrounding countries and Mexico. So many guns that local governments fear geopolitical instability. So many guns it sounds like a story we have already heard before. So again, Honduras is the “source” of these guns, but that math doesn’t add up.

Honduras is poor. It can’t afford to make it rain with guns. But it just so happens that the US is heavily invested in Honduras for no reason other than goodwill. Look! ISIS 2.0! Now we have a confirmed illegal weapon distribution system perpetrated by multiple governments and corrupt officials. And let’s not forget Fast and Furious was a thing either because this is not the only place on the planet that this is happening.

Now we are going to use this data and a little bit of empathy to construct a scenario. You are a Honduran. You have a family. You are poor, you have a job and can feed your family, but you are just barely making it. Every day is a struggle. You live in a bad neighborhood. There are no jobs. There is no opportunity. There aren’t even really any side jobs or extra activities to do to try to earn a little extra anything on the side. You have a cousin who fled and left to the US after her son almost caught a stray bullet in the head in a drive by shooting.  You got a letter from her not too long ago talking about coming to America because it’s so much better. She was saying if you can make it into the country, there is amnesty and she can get her hands on the paperwork for a new life. You kinda think it is bullshit, but your cousin was able to do it, so why not try for a better life for your children?

Now let’s pretend you decided to do it and you made it. Look at this ridiculous political environment you would come into. You would hear that the right are white supremacists and oppose your presence in the country because the media says they’re racist assholes. You hear about how rich white people are oppressing minority groups like yourself. You see a Trump speech on TV and he’s saying he’s sending you back to that violent place. You see the left trying to roll out packages just for you because the left understands your plight. You see the left raising their voices demanding that you be treated as an equal. You see them demanding policy change so your life can be made easier and so that you can go on with it here in America. There are all kinds of tax breaks and incentives being given to you by the left. You have healthcare. You have access to any program if you want to enroll in it. All you ever have to do for them in return is vote Democrat, and they don’t even make you do that. So you think screw it, this is obviously where the good people are at, over here on the left. You then vote Democrat. But you never gave thought to the fact that the left’s message was everywhere in everything in society here. You just assumed that’s the way it is here in America.

So there is something here for everyone. Leftists have a valid reason to oppose something gun related for a change. They also could oppose the violent exploitation of the Honduran people as well as the citizens of the surrounding countries who have been impacted by this geopolitical mess. They will have to come to grips with the fact that these conditions have been created by neoliberals, and their ideology is pure poison to humanity. The right is right. Leftist votes are being imported in to usher in communism by neoliberal fascists/corporatists. Just like the Free State Project, but on a global scale and for communism, nothing that isn’t already happening elsewhere in the world.

The point of supporting restricted immigration is to stop the flow of leftist votes into the country that are highly incentivized to become leftists and vote Democrat. But that’s not taking it far enough. The flow of guns from the US to Honduras needs to stop. This stops the easy access of weapons to the cartels which are just black assets anyway. The “trade deals” and other policy passed between Honduras and the US need to be viewed as economic and outright terrorism perpetrated on behalf of the US and the Honduran and other applicable governments. No wall needs to be built to stop illegal immigration, state backed economic terrorism under the guise of free trade agreements and development programs need to be ended immediately.

We have military bases all over these countries, and there are no need for them unless we are afraid of war with our Central American neighbors (that’s sarcasm for the duller edges). When you remove the conditions that are causing the migrations, the migrations will stop. There will no longer be a reason for individuals to consider such decisions, because the circumstances that create those conditions no longer develop in a stable environment. That means force does not need to be applied to achieve these means. That means nobody’s rights are violated, and that means everybody stands to gain from the solution and nobody does so at the expense of another set of individuals. The best thing that can be done for this situation is to stop the circumstances creating it and stop supporting the solution the state provided you for it.

Because the deep state has lost control of the office of the presidency for arguably the first time since JFK, this is extremely significant. This is why the potential of a Trump presidency has liberty lovers hoping to Christ and the Universe that Trump makes good on his campaign promises and is not yet another corporatist. I still won’t speculate on what he has yet to do, but we will see. Now is the time to pay attention. The MSM is the mouthpiece of the state. No need to listen to it. But its actions are no longer hidden. 4chan anyone?

-Kush Freeman