Charlie Kirk Sells Out Turning Point USA’s Principles: Supports War in Syria

“Big Government Sucks!” At least, that’s what Charlie Kirk wants you to think he believes. But after Trump announced his assault on Syria, the Turning Point USA founder and uneducated beanstalk with a “mid-life crisis at 24” haircut completely and wholly endorsed the multi-billion dollar government program that is just another needless war.


To be clear, starting World War III is not limiting government, it is creating the very real possibility of the extinction of the human race. War has cost the American people trillions. One doesn’t have to be an anarchist to see that war with Syria (and inevitably Russia) is a terrible idea.

It’s not like Charlie always held this view. In a 2017 speech at Cleveland State University, Kirk rejected regime change, citing its cost to the American people and the facts that it puts soldiers in unnecessary danger. But just like Trump, Kirk’s view on foreign policy has made a complete 180, showing that he is no different from neocons like John McCain, and that he is most certainly not an advocate for limited government.

Despite Kirk’s explicit endorsement of killing Syrian children, he is yet to enlist in the military or purchase his own fighter jet so that he can wage war himself. It seems Charlie Kirk would rather the US government steal from the citizenry and allow everyone else to fight the battles he so vehemently supports.

It may be a customary part of TPUSA’s rhetoric to “support the troops,” but throwing cannon fodder into an unnecessary conflict is the exact opposite of support. Rather, it is the advocacy for them to kill and perhaps be killed for the government. This isn’t just anti-troop. This is anti-humanity.

Kirk has thousands of young activists that admire him for his position at TPUSA, but instead of instilling a love of peace and prosperity, he has indoctrinated them with the drums of the war mongers. The next generation of liberty activists should not look up to Charlie Kirk, unless you look up to the Charlie Kirk who was against the invasion of Syria when Obama did it.

So why does Charlie Kirk love war more than John McCain now? Perhaps it has something to do with his desire to keep going fishing with Donald Trump Jr.

A Note from the Editor

In January, Liberty Hangout named Mr. Charlie Kirk as one of our Top Ten Libertarians of 2017. The prime reason we included Kirk was due to the fact that at the face level, it seemed that Mr. Kirk had created an organization that is allowing for a strong libertarian-conservative alliance. Unfortunately, as time progressed, it became clear that this “alliance” Mr. Kirk and TPUSA envisioned is no alliance at all. Instead, Kirk seeks to subjugate libertarians to the desires not of traditional conservatives such as Robert Taft, but of neoconservatives such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham. After exploring the inner workings of Turning Point, it is abundantly clear that the values of Mr. Kirk and Turning Point USA are incompatible with Liberty Hangout’s Pro-Liberty, Pro-Peace, Pro-Property, and Anti-State platform. Unlike Turning Point USA, organizations like Young Americans for Liberty, the Mises Institute, and the Foundation for Economic Education consistently fight for libertarian principles. We hereby rescind our endorsement of Charlie Kirk and his organization.