Man Arrested for JCC Bomb Threats is an Anti-Trump Communist

After threats against Jewish community centers ravaged the Internet this week, authorities have finally made an arrest.

Juan Thompson, former writer for The Intercept, was arrested earlier today after making “bomb threats to at least eight Jewish community centers in 25 terrifying days.”

According to authorities, Thompson attempted to frame these threats on his ex-girlfriend. Thompson took to Twitter earlier in the week to claim that she was framing him.

A year ago, Thompson was fired from The Intercept after falsifying quotes and fabricating sources. The Intercept stated in a press release last February,

“An investigation into [Juan Thompson]’s reporting turned up three instances in which quotes were attributed to people who said they had not been interviewed. In other instances, quotes were attributed to individuals we could not reach, who could not remember speaking with him, or whose identities could not be confirmed.”

Thompson is a frequent critic of Trump and thinks “this dude is Hitler,” and is also an avowed enemy of capitalism.

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