Bernie Sanders Deletes Tweets Like Hillary Clinton Deletes Emails

Over the course of the past few decades, Senator Bernie Sanders has championed himself as a man of the working class and the poor (despite his preferred policies harming said people). His 2016 presidential campaign was centered around a socialist platform of redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor, through way of government coercion. But anyone with an elementary understanding of economics will tell you that you can’t tax a nation into prosperity.

Earlier today, Comrade Sanders went on another one of his economically illiterate Twitter rants, and perhaps let out too much of his inner commie this time.

At 10am this morning, Bernie Sanders tweeted the following.

After facing a great deal of backlash on social media, Sanders wound up deleting the tweet at around 1pm EST.

Perhaps someone told Bernie to Google search “third world countries.” Or maybe Bernie took a computer course with Hillary Clinton and learned how to delete things.