You’re a Tool For Cultural Marxism if You Support the NFL Protesters

Every time I think that the political, media and social elite have proven their total disconnect with the American people, I find myself continually corrected, and this weekend was no exception, as the NFL kissed their ratings and viewers goodbye.

After President Donald Trump spoke at a rally and gave his thoughts on NFL players that kneeled for the national anthem, many NFL spokesmen went on the defensive and media outlets decried it as an “attack on free speech”. President Trump said that kneeling during the national anthem was “…a total disrespect of our heritage. That’s a total disrespect of everything we stand for.”

Later on, the president called for people to boycott the NFL until the owners do something about this behavior, as several team members of the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars linked arms and took a knee to protest the national anthem during a football match in London…but they made sure to stand for Britain’s anthem.

To anyone with any concept of what the “freedom of speech” is really about, this is obviously no more of an attack on free speech than Trump’s calling the mainstream media liars was an attack on the free press. But as we should know by now, the left has their own definition of freedom, and the freedom of speech for them means that there should be no consequences for their speech or any speech that behooves them. However for their opponents, a different standard is applied.

In the eyes of the left, giving a negative opinion of left wing speech or media is oppression of their rights. Meanwhile, throwing bottles of urine, feces, or concrete and bricks, hitting people with clubs, pepper spraying people, and blocking traffic to prevent vehicles from moving, is all peaceful demonstration and the voice of the unheard.Anyone who has keeps track of politics knows by now that the left hates the freedom of speech in principle up until speech is being used to ridicule white people (especially if straight or male) or American heritage.

Of course many left-wing “libertarians” (libertines) could not resist but to jump in on the action either, as they made sure to let everyone know how much they hate law enforcement (really they hate anyone with authority of any kind) – even if this trend of kneeling during the anthem, which was started by Colin Kaepernick, was really more about hatred for white people, since the “Cops hunting black youths for sport” narrative has been debunked time and time again through a plethora of statistics.

Encouraging people’s delusions and ridiculous fantasies, however, is no problem for this crowd, as long as it helps further some political agenda and makes them feel like they have more mutual support than they actually do for their belief system as a whole. It is this tactic that has left the libertarian movement swamped with socialists and cultural marxists. They also made sure to voice their opinion that people who did not support either the act or the reasoning behind these people kneeling for the anthem were in favor of forced flag worship, and made it abundantly clear that they think that pride in your national origin and heritage is inherently statist.

Libertarians have always said, however, that boycotts were the market’s way of correcting bad behavior….but when you’re a leftist at heart, this one liner really only applies when you’re under the delusion that massive boycotts would force Christian bakers to make rainbow cakes with a penis on top (or you’re just trying to virtue signal that capitalism doesn’t bring about social conservative ends).

Thus many “libertarians” on social media also said that our president was attacking free speech as well. All of this aside, the NFL protests are not about free speech, and they never were. They are about pushing a race baiting agenda that breeds hatred of white people and of the entire concept of law and order. The protests are about encouraging the destruction of national identity and pride in the heritage that makes us as a people so very unique. It is about crushing the spirit of national and local patriotism and identity for a globalist and communist one.

This is why anyone who stands up for the NFL protesters is a tool for cultural marxism. It is evident to anyone with a brain what is going on here.