I’m a Woman Voting for Trump Over Clinton

By Angelica Bogdany

You may not like the execution of Donald Trump’s message, but he is right about the issues. I agree with him on immigration, national security, trade, the economy, the Supreme Court, but another reason why I support him is because of the cultural impact I believe that he will have. We live in an oversensitive generation where people genuinely believe words dictate reality and censorship will eradicate bigotry. Our language is being policed, what we can or cannot wear, what opinions we ought to have – it is antithetical to the principles America was founded on.

There are only two candidates who can win this election and they are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. If you’re thinking about voting for third party in regards to your “conscience,” I have to ask, is it Hillary Clinton’s deliberate disregard for the Constitution that makes her the better choice? Her obsession with Saul Alinsky? Open border policies?

Think about it. If the Never Trump crowd are not willing to stand up and fight the regressive left because they’re not “satisfied with this candidate” then they’re on the other side. Simple as that. For them, their conservative philosophy overrides reality. Trump is by far is the more conservative candidate.

Supreme Court. This issue is the prerequisite to all of the other ones. Hillary will not only expand the federal government, but she will fundamentally change the concept in which this country was founded on with all the leftist judges she will appoint. If we lose on immigration, no other issue will matter. If Republicans think that they can sacrifice this election and deal with a four year Clinton administration because of their “principles,” then they’re in for a rude awakening. Immigrants vote 8-2 for the Democrats, so once our demographics significantly change, which they will by 2020, it’ll be almost impossible for the GOP to win another election.

The United States is $19 trillion in debt, has less participation in the labor force, is fifteen years deep in war, and might elect the most corrupt candidate in modern history, who is currently under FBI investigation, because their feelings are hurt by an obnoxious business man. What the people who can’t get behind Trump need to understand is that all of this destruction has been created by an integrated system full of both parties, who have been selling out the American voters for decades to preserve their own power. The only person in the race who not only promises to change this, but acknowledges this, is Donald Trump. If you cannot get yourself to enthusiastically vote for him, then make it a protest vote and send a message to the media, the corrupt one-party system, and the regressive left.

Issues regarding women have been at the forefront of this election. This is an issue I care a lot about. Yes, I am a woman, yes I support Donald Trump, and yes, I’m enthusiastically voting for him on Tuesday. I think we can all reach a group consensus that this “Trump is a misogynist” talking point is getting old. No? Sort of?

Donald Trump has employed more female executives than male at his massive enterprise, while Hillary Clinton has still failed to explain why there has been a disparity in compensation between males and females in both her own senate office and the Clinton Foundation. Trump treats both women and men the same. You may not like it, and that’s fine, but stop making this a gender issue. If women want to be treated equally in this country, then we don’t get to change the rules because we are sensitive. Same playing field.

Does Donald Trump have a problem with women? Yes, but so has almost every Republican candidate in American politics. This is not so much the GOP’s fault, but the Democrats’ fault. The left has dedicated their lives to identity politics – grouping people based on their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, whatever they can even think of, and tell them they were born a victim, society will keep them down while never allowing them to succeed. They create safe spaces for these people, micro- aggressions, things that are nothing more than political weapons used on conservatives, to brand opinions as evil. Unlike the left, Trump looks at the individual. He doesn’t care if you’re white, black, female, male, transgendered, gay, straight, he’ll offend you no matter what you look like. He didn’t win the most votes in Republican primary history because he is polite. He won because of his ideas, he won because of his policies, he won because unlike Hillary Clinton, people feel they can trust him.

This man has never had the intention of being president. If he did, I’m sure he would not have said some of the things he has, or had a reality show. He didn’t dedicate his life to politics, which in my opinion, is refreshing. He isn’t a polite, focus group tested politician. Think about it. If the liberal media had to dig up something from eleven years ago, how bad of a person is he really? Did he say something offensive eleven years ago? Yes. I have nothing but disdain for his comments., but I look at it this way, we KNOW Hillary Clinton has had every intention of becoming president since the cavemen were still around, so why has she committed so much corruption? The answer is 1) she thinks you’re stupid and won’t notice, or 2) she just doesn’t care – either way, I don’t want someone like that as my president.

All these women coming out conveniently three weeks before the election claiming sexual assault is another political ploy created by Hillary Clinton. Witnesses from these situations, who don’t even support Trump, have said that these women are lying. Trump just announced today that when the election is over, he is going to sue these women. You don’t sue people telling the truth. Hillary Clinton accepts money from foreign nations who treat women worse than dirt but no, no, no, nothing to see here!

We’ve learned from WikiLeaks that every position Hillary Clinton takes publicly is actually different behind closed doors. We’ve learned that she gave a speech (where she was paid over $200,000), that open borders would be her dream, and then said she was talking about the electrical grid, because she is a pathological liar. We’ve learned that her officials pressured the FBI to mark certain emails “unclassified” in efforts to protect her, and some quid pro quo action for FBI access and agents in forbidden countries. We’ve learned that the Hillary Clinton campaign PAID people to start violence at Trump rallies (funneled through DNC and nonprofit organizations). Lastly, James O’ Keefe videos PROVED that Democrats are trying to administer voter fraud, but oh no, it is absolutely outrageous that Donald Trump may not accept the results on election day.

If this all isn’t alarming to her supporters, I don’t know what will be. I mean, it’s not that surprising. This woman was able to look into the eyes of the families of the victims of Benghazi and lie straight their face. There is nothing she is incapable of. To be honest, I don’t think that these issues have even reached the American people yet. Besides Sean Hannity, no one is covering it.

Look, I do not want the Clinton Cartel running my government at the highest level. The minute Hillary Clinton gets into office is the minute America will lose a great deal of its independence. If you do not think she will exploit the Oval Office for her own interest, then you have a feeble grasp on reality. Freedom of expression, freedom of speech, capitalism, these are the things that make America the greatest country in the history of human civilization. A Hillary Clinton presidency is antithetical to these very principles.

It’s important to note that I’m not just creating hypotheticals like everyone LOVES to do about Donald Trump, I’m talking about the very real history of Hillary Clinton. I’m not going to even get into her bullying and silencing of her husband’s rape victims, whom she is still with for political power. Hillary Clinton’s actions speak louder than Trump’s words. I would be more receptive to this national outrage over these “Trump Tapes” if the same people just showed HALF the aversion towards Hillary and Bill’s war on women.

What is Hillary running on? She isn’t running on her policies, she isn’t running on change, she is running on the claim that Donald Trump is a dangerous racist and that she is the safer choice. She realized that attacking his business record is ineffective so she turned it into an anti-Trump campaign. By the way, I’m not bothered by Donald Trump’s wealth, he created it through free market capitalism, not by giving speeches for $100,000 while claiming to serve the American people. .

This is the most important election since our revolution. Excuse me, but I am going to vote for someone based on merit, not their gender. Yes, I am going to vote for a man who said that P word, because western civilization is too important.

If you don’t like Donald Trump, then blame the Democrats, blame the establishment, blame the social justice warriors who hate anyone who doesn’t agree with their far left radical thinking, but DO NOT blame the common sense Americans who are supporting him. Trump is the best protest vote you could do to all the elitists November 8th, and I hope for the sake of this country, you will too.