The Dawn of a New Political Age: The Rise of Right-Wing Populism

Greetings Liberty Lovers,

2016 has proven to be a wild election season indeed. After overcoming seemingly impossible odds, such as the DNC’s monopoly on media bias, rigged election tactics, the powerful influence that is the corporatist duopoly within the state known as the Clinton and Bush dynasties, and the continuation of such through the Obama presidency, Trump rose above it all. But before I talk more on Trump, there’s more background here that I need to elaborate on.

Throughout liberty circles over the years, there has been a common prevailing thought that the government has been co-opted behind the scenes with the assassination of JFK. He’s attributed all kinds of credits from all conspiracy circles for this or that citing reason whatever for the assassination. I quite honestly think it’s because he used the treasury to print United States Notes rather than Federal Reserve Notes. But my personal opinion is not important there so much, as what the event signifies historically is that if you challenge the Rothschild’s central bank, they will kill you in front of God and everyone and get away with it.

I’m 33 years old. My father was always very political, and there was always a news channel on. There was always political discussion in our household. With that said, America has been in decline my whole entire life. Things have very been getting progressively worse regardless of who’s been in office. I remember seeing Reagan’s speech on the war on drugs and Nancy Reagan’s “Just say no” policy (the gutting of the 4th amendment nationally). I remember the ex CIA director George Bush Sr. take us to war with Iraq and the surrounding chaos and his declaration of the “New World Order.” I remember Bill Clinton passing NAFTA, and GATT, and Bill and Killery stealing a bunch of shit from the White House when they left.

Then we had G Dubya Bush, 9/11, the war in Iraq over WMD’s that nobody ever found, the descent into geopolitical instability in the Middle East, the Patriot Act, and more. Then Obama came along selling hope and change without anyone really knowing a lot about him. He was supposed to be the constitutional scholar who was going to clean up corruption, end war, and create a transparent administration. He just went on ahead and broke every single one of his campaign promises and turned out to be nothing more than a corporatist whore with his “Legacy” being outright fascism in the form of Obamacare, which has been nothing more than allowing the government to say to America, “You will pay ridiculous prices for insurance, or we will steal your tax return.” And I won’t forget the NDAA.

Now obviously I didn’t start in this paradigm as an anarchist. As I’ve previously written, I started as a conservative and progressed forward. Individual rights were what my childhood household instilled in me to hold in high regard. In my lifetime I’ve seen: the decline of personal freedoms, the devaluation of the USD, the reputation of America on the world stage, a deteriorating education system, the death of common sense,  jobs outsourced because of bad policy, bad policy, more bad policy, selective deregulation, and more. But that’s not even the part that’s irritating. This is the part that is, however, is that over the course of my lifetime, I have seen an increase in: ridiculous laws, the expansion of the welfare state, the increase in the size of government, the increase in government power, the increase of government interference in everyone’s lives, constant war, the increase in terrible economic legislation which favors large corporations at the expense of middle America, increased taxes, the rising cost of everything due to inflation thanks to the above mentioned loss of value in the USD created by inflation, the creation of the DHS, a progressively more aggressive police state which is also growing in size, scope, and authority, the change from “Protect and serve” to “Comply or die.”, the vast expansion of the student loan debt bubble, the ability for the state to steal children via CPS, the rise of cultural Marxism, the consolidation and takeover of corporate media, leftist takeover of the education system, the leftist takeover of all popular media types outside of journalism, the rise and expansion of global data collection and spying, fluoride in the water supply, pharmaceuticals in the water supply, estrogen mimickers in the food supply, “forced vaccination” via school policy, the idolization of the American soldier to legitimize geopolitical fuckery, rampant blatant fascism in multiple industries destroying free market practice which once made this nation prosperous, banker bailouts, the stealing and resale of liberty via licensure, rampant cronyism, fascist marijuana initiatives, massively wasteful government spending, the import of socialist votes, the radical polarization of the establishment parties, and much, much more.

Quite honestly, I can go on and on and on about everything the government has messed up but most of you should get the point. Anyone who is significantly older than me has seen even more government blunders. Excluding the neo-con base which is just as lost as the left but easier to bring to liberty, most of us have figured out the obvious that career politicians lie because they only care about two things: 1) Self Preservation 2) Enrichment of self. In that order. This has proven itself time and time again throughout our modern-day with only a few rare exceptions like Ron Paul being by far the best. Hillary Clinton IS the establishment or main figurehead if you instead choose to credit Podesta. Speaking of which, just read the #PodestaEmails if you haven’t already. For the first time in many of our lives there looks like there could be some real change.

Given the rise of cultural Marxism and the radicalization of the left, it stands to chance that we just avoided a leftist takeover not only of just America, but of western civilization as a whole. Not to mention skipping past WW3. Imagine another 20 years of having the media in collaboration with the entirety of pop culture, and schools jamming marxist propaganda down the throats of everyone. Look how much our society has devolved as a result. Leftists can’t even articulate their positions in clear terms in a way that makes any sense.

They have none, what they have is this, emotionally driven popular opinion and the ability to say “that’s racist” or use whatever type of “ist” “obe” or “ism” slur that is popular and have the establishment behind them approving it. They don’t have logic, they don’t have evidence, and they certainly don’t have facts. The left has become the popular norm and anyone who holds any differing opinion, no matter how slight the difference, is attacked and berated until that individual agrees or just decides to keep their opinions to themselves. This has all happened before in history. Read closely into 1930s Germany. Hitler was also revered by young college Germans of the time. Although America is not a future proxy of that country, much fuckery from that time has been borrowed by our leftist federal government and the interests behind establishment puppets such as Clinton.

The pendulum has swung to the right, all the way to the right. Republicans control the government now. But now we have Trump. I must admit I never looked deep into Trump. I watched a few of his earlier campaign speeches and didn’t hear much of anything besides war this and police state that. I overestimated the effectiveness of the ability of the Democrats to rig elections given all the wikileaked voter fraud, Project Veritas videos, not to mention all the voter fraud that was perpetrated to help get Obama into office. Now that it is President-Elect Trump, I thought I would take the time to see what he has proposed.

I read every single policy that Trump has proposed and I have to say that I was completely shocked. Trump has an EXTREMELY libertarian platform. He has posed reasonable, attainable, and effective solutions for damn near every major problem this country faces. Diplomacy and market based solutions. Plans to reduce the size, scope, power, and corruption of the state. The elimination of wasteful spending. The restoration of the economy through market based, and incentive based tax reform.  Lowering of taxes on the middle class. Market wide deregulation benefitting all, not just the titans of industry. I don’t agree with all of it, but as an entrepreneur myself, I may not have yet had the chance to be anywhere near as successful as Trump, but this is what I see. A problem solver who found solutions to problems.

Now, there is a specific reason I mentioned Obama’s broken campaign promises. So before everyone is all “Hurr! Durr! Kush joined the alt right with Cantwell and all them!” I’m not telling anyone to get on the Trump train. But this is what I will tell you, “You better start paying attention.” IF, and ONLY if Trump is not yet another corporatist puppet do we stand at the precipice of a potentially successful new paradigm that could very well lead to anarcho-capitalism through populism, the same weapon the left has been extremely successful forcing onto society. Except it wouldn’t have to be forced if organically popular, because someone in office actually did what they said they would do.

If Trump keeps to his word and starts fixing things and life begins getting better, this could begin a new paradigm. One that allows conservatives, libertarians, minarchists, and anarchists alike to begin the shrinking of the state via libertarian policy. A successful 8 year, 2 term Trump presidency could set the stage for a successful 2024 Libertarian presidency. A successful libertarian presidency could set the stage for a successful minarchist presidency. A reverse trend of shrinking government rather than increasing it, and bringing more and more freedom and prosperity along the way is all ammo in the form of recent conclusive data for anarchists when the public is ready for the abolition of the federal government in favor of state’s rights.

Imagine if we could advertise the virtues of anarcho-capitalism on mainstream TV…… An environment of increasing freedom will allow this over time. And although economic policies would take time to yield their results, Trump’s plans are a pretty damn good start, even though based on his policies he is looking at solving the problems through the eyes of a statist and not that of an anarchist. But you don’t have to have advanced degrees to know the public isn’t ready for anarcho-capitalism. The proper political environment needs to be cultivated over time.

There are already voluntaryist memes floating around social media talking about we are the 46.9%. The conservative base is the only voting block that is remotely friendly to us. We need to really start engaging and having discussions with neocons, especially if Trump isn’t a puppet, and more so if he is. We need to take libertarianism mainstream through conservatism. If the GOP can only get votes for liberty oriented candidates, who gives a fuck if libertarians are running as “Republicans.” As for leftists, I just intend to ignore them. If a leftist wants to have a rational conversation and intellectual engagement, that is fine, and I will plant seeds where I can. But realistically this ideology needs to be murdered in cold blood, and that is way more difficult than just throwing people out of helicopters.

We live in the age of trends. If you make it unpopular to be a leftist, American Marxism will suffer dramatically. The left is NOT the majority. They are one of the two available active voting blocks. Us, specifically being libertarians, minarchists, and anarchists are everybody else. There is an opportunity on the board to be able to seize vast influence over the federal government, via public opinion, for us to pressure standing and future politicians. There is an opportunity on the board to shrink the state. There is an opportunity on the board to move things in the right direction without everybody having to go home and get their guns.

Of all the people in the world, I never thought the freedom of the “free world” would hinge on Donald Trump. The whole world is watching. I don’t know how much he can actually accomplish, but,if he does what he says he is going to do and actually tries, we need to help make it popular and get support to the proper initiatives. Even if he does amazing things, that’s awesome, but if he engages in shady fuckery, he needs to lose all support. Which is why it is so important to engage neo-cons. At this point I’m skeptical of his claims. But I remain optimistic. I’ll give him a chance if he lives up to his word because this is FAR bigger than Trump alone. Let’s hope the honeymoon period isn’t short-lived. Hopefully I didn’t write this for nothing when he announces his cabinet appointment. In the mean time read his policies. Criticism needs to be applied correctively and objectively because we all know that the mainstream media didn’t just stop being leftist AF. For now my fingers are crossed, but only time will tell.

Trump’s Policies:

Context of the word fascism: “The merger of state and corporate towers.”