Thomas Massie Should Primary Trump in 2020

Liberty is under attack. The debt is at 20 trillion dollars. Civil liberties are being curbed in exchange for so-called security. Government social policies are destroying the family and every other aspect of civil society. The government is spending trillions to engage in wars in which American people have no interest. Americans spend 3 months each year working just to give the IRS their extortion funds. The Constitution is a dead letter to the politicians in Washington. Millions of dollars are being funneled into an organization with no purpose but to kill the unborn. The 10th Amendment has been replaced for federal tyranny. The executive branch has become a unilateral means to write, enforce, and interpret the law.

And Donald Trump has done nothing to stop the trend of totalitarianism in America. With promises to Audit the Fed and Drain the Swamp, it makes sense that libertarians would be excited to see what Trump could do. I myself had my hopes, but I was not particularly optimistic.

Trump ran a campaign against politics and he won. But as soon as he made it into office, he didn’t drain the swamp. He drowned himself in it when he appointed people like Jeff Sessions, Steve Mnuchin, and Elaine Chao (the wife of Mitch McConnell, the King of the Swamp).

Despite Trump’s promises to put America First, Trump protected ISIS from Assad by bombing Syria in April. He signed knowingly unconstitutional sanctions against Russia. And don’t you dare even consider cutting foreign aid.

Despite the good Trump did at first, such as nominating Neil Gorsuch and passing an executive order which crippled executive regulations, he has since become just another neoconservative.

Today, America needs a liberty-minded person who will never abandon principle, will destroy the ivory tower in which the Establishment rests, will rally the masses to pursue the cause of liberty, and will run a campaign against politics and continue that anti-political mentality even when he gets into office. The person we have in mind has already done these things. That person is Thomas Massie.

Thomas Massie has rattled the cages of the establishment ever since he joined public office in 2011 as Judge Executive of Lewis County, KY. When he joined the US House of Representatives in 2013, Massie didn’t let up. In his first term, Massie stopped any US military or paramilitary operations from occurring in Egypt, stopping Obama from starting another needless war.

Massie has fought for lower taxes, a sober foreign policy, local control, privatization, separation of powers, property rights, and many other pro-liberty issues. Massie has fought the Federal Reserve, Corporate Welfare, abortion, government growth, special privileges, gun control, mass surveillance, etc. If the government is doing it, Congressman Thomas Massie is fighting it.

Thomas Massie also isn’t concerned with restricting himself to (as Tom Woods would say) “the 3×5 index card of allowable opinion.” In January 2017, Massie proposed a bill to end the Department of Education. Massie has gone so far to even fight to withdraw the United States from the UN. Other figures would shy away from such issues as they would fear for their careers and their donations. But Thomas Massie isn’t fighting for his self-advancement alone. Thomas Massie is fighting for something bigger than him: Freedom. His constituents in Kentucky’s 4th district (myself included) have noticed this, and they love Thomas Massie for this. In 2016, Thomas Massie won his reelection bid with 71.3% of the vote.

While Donald Trump promises to destroy the establishment, Thomas Massie Does it. This is why Liberty Hangout endorses him for reelection in 2018, and why he ought to run for President of the United States not only to challenge Trump, but to spread the unadulterated message of Liberty to the American people.