Beta Male Leftist Harasses Kaitlin Bennett then Calls for Violence Against Her Online

This past Thursday, known 2nd amendment activist Kaitlin Bennett traveled to the University of Akron to record a video. Much to the students’ surprise, she was there to talk about immigration, not guns.

But that didn’t stop the leftists on campus from steering the conversation towards firearms. Bennett was on the campus conversing with students for more than two hours. Some students who engaged with Bennett were kind enough to have a respectful dialogue with her, but others took the opportunity to insult Bennett, curse at her, and scream at the sky.

Such was the case for a student at UA named Andrew Gianni. Gianni showed up 5 minutes into Bennett’s Facebook livestream, and no more than a minute later, he lied to Bennett about being a fan to grab her attention. He then proceeded to yell, “Can you go back to Kent please, no one wants you here.”

Gianni continued, “Please just go back, no one wants you here. I went to the march for gun control in Washington. I don’t support you and I don’t like you.”

Gianni, who lists on his Facebook that he is a cashier at PacSun, proceeded to reply to his own video with a series of lies about his interaction with Bennett. Gianni claimed that during the encounter, Bennett was saying, “Why don’t you want me here? Why don’t you like me?”

However, a clip from Bennett’s livestream tells a different story. Gianni approached Bennett while she was discussing immigration, and then he fled the scene immediately after bringing up guns.

Gianni claimed in a tweet that he stood there listening to Bennett for ten minutes. But her livestream shows that this too was a lie, and he was only there for a little over a minute. He later admit this was in fact a lie.

Gianni then admit to a third lie, admitting he didn’t feel the need to listen to her.

To make matters worse, Gianni acknowledged the amount of death threats and hate Bennett receives, while then justifying harassing Bennett. Afterwards, Gianni retweeted a post calling for violence against Bennett.

We reached out to Gianni for comment, but he chose to block us instead.

It is truly ironic that the most ardent supporters of gun control seem to want to leave us defenseless so they can be free to assault us.

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