Allie Stuckey Accuses Kaitlin Bennett of Being Funded by George Soros


Fake conservative mouthpiece Allie Beth Stuckey has a hard time making a valid point when talking points aren’t put in front of her face by neoconservative news corporations.

So what does she do when she has the chance to deviate from the talking points? Begin to act like a leftist and tear down conservative activists.

After the free-speech social media website Gab began to gain popularity in October, Stuckey accused the social media platform of being “alt-right.”


But what is Gab’s agenda? Quite simple, actually. To allow speech protected by the first amendment on their platform, unlike other social media giants.

They do not wish to censor their users like Facebook and Twitter are known to do. But to Stuckey, this is alt-right, a word associated with white supremacists and neo-nazis.

Then on Christmas, after 2nd amendment enthusiast Kaitlin Bennett uploaded a funny video shooting a ‘happy holidays’ sign, Stuckey responded with a gif that said “I hate so much about the things you choose to be.”

Then, Stuckey chose to attack Bennett again after seeing another video of hers go viral. In fact, Stuckey’s apparent jealousy and deviation from her neocon talking points were so bad that she came up with a conspiracy that Bennett must be funded by George Soros for telling a girl that abortion is murder.


Bennett fired back at the RINO mouthpiece, saying “That’s a cute conspiracy coming from the girl that called free speech ‘alt-right.’ Maybe you’re projecting, just like leftists do?”

Bennett’s tweet broke the Blaze TV star’s programming, and she neglected to respond.

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