Zookeeper Fired For Threatening to Push Conservative Woman into Pit of Alligators

Late last night, a zookeeper in Florida took to Twitter to issue a horrifying tweet. Ethan Patterson, a graduate from Ashland University in Ohio, tweeted out his sentiments of killing conservative gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett.

On Sunday, Bennett, who is more commonly known online as the ‘Kent State Gun Girl’, visited the Alligator Farm in Saint Augustine, Florida with her family and fiance, just one day before being proposed to.

Two days later, Patterson tweeted about Bennett’s visit, and eerily said, “I just want y’all to know that Kent state gun girl came to my place of work and it took everything in me to not push her over the railing into the mouths of 250 alligators.”

Bennett says she recalls an employee at the zoo rudely saying “excuse me” and staring at her, and then staring over the railing into the alligator pit, but she is unsure if this was Patterson.

Patterson was promptly fired from the Alligator Farm for his comments towards Bennett. In an email to Liberty Hangout’s founder, the Director of Alligator Farm stated, “Mr. Patterson’s views do not reflect the views of this establishment and he will be terminated and we will have contacted local law enforcement to advise them of the situation.”

After being terminated early Wednesday morning, Mr. Patterson was escorted from the Alligator Farm by police.