White Privilege is a Myth

Without a doubt you’ve heard the term “white privilege” before. White Privilege is the new favorite term for leftists in America to try to push things like wealth redistribution or to excuse charging white people more for different products or services. Essentially, its a term to protect racists who want to treat white people poorly  because of their skin color.

Now I know the first thing that jumps into your head after hearing this statement is “but why do so many white people say they have privilege then?” The fact of the matter is they do have privilege. The privilege many of these white people have is called class privilege which is essentially based off your socioeconomic status. Individuals with more connections and money have greater chances to better their status in life than people that don’t.

A great way to look at this is to look at individuals who are upper middle class who can afford attending top private schools like Harvard and Yale.  Harvard and Yale are two schools that are challenging for anyone to get into. Even if you were lucky enough to get into one of these elite colleges, affording them would be virtually impossible for most people.

However, if you have the proper funds, you can not only attend an amazing university like Harvard or Yale but also mingle with other people from similar backgrounds that are attending the school. A student at a community college won’t be able to network with children of millionaires and famous music artists like a student at Harvard or Yale could.

A degree from a community college is not equivalent to a degree from Harvard or Yale. Competitive businesses are more likely to hire individuals with degrees from prestigious universities than individuals who don’t come from these backgrounds. This is because businesses want to be as competitive and profitable as possible and typically graduates from these elite universities are better prepared to help them reach their goals.

Class privilege applies to every sector of life, not just the business world. People who have more wealth will be able to afford living in better neighborhoods, eat at better restaurants, experience a more luxurious nightlife and meet more people of their own social class. This privilege as much as leftists would like to pretend consists of all white Americans simply isn’t true. As much as leftists love to remind us that white Americans are the biggest beneficiaries of welfare, they hate when we remind them that none of these welfare receiving white Americans live the same lifestyle of those who can afford to send those children to America’s top universities.

The reality of it is that not only are these schools too expensive for them, they were never given the proper background in an elite education to even be accepted. Of course, this is America, the land of the free and everyone in this country  has an opportunity to climb the social ladder if they choose and because of this there will always be outliers to this. There absolutely will be Americans who can climb these ladders and increase their class privilege just like there will be Americans who don’t.

Lastly, leftists push the term “white privilege” because the majority of right wing voters in America happen to be white. They want to make white conservatives feel a false sense of guilt for living their lifestyles in hopes that they will vote blue in coming elections. Thankfully their strategy to divide Americans by race is weak, voting along racial lines is stupid and collectivist. We are all individuals in this country and Republicans and Libertarians have diverse bases as well. If leftists wish to continue pushing this myth which they will, they will only seal another victory for Republicans in 2020.