2nd Amendment ‘Hero’ Kyle Kashuv Endorses Gun Control Bill

Kyle Kashuv, a Parkland survivor and so-called gun rights activist, called for the implementation of gun control in an Op-Ed published by Daily Wire on June 7th. FIX NICS, the piece of legislation supported by Kyle Kashuv and originally cosponsored by Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer, is a law that pressures every federal agency to submit thousands of more names of people to make them ineligable for gun ownership. FIX NICS is not in line with the 2nd Amendment; in fact, support for FIX NICS precludes you from being a serious gun rights advocate.


FIX NICS is so anti-gun, in fact, that having so much as a speeding ticket on your record gives the government the authority to deny you your right to self defense. While Kyle Kashuv likes to paint himself as the anti-David Hogg to rile up conservative bases, he is truly supporting the exact same legislation Hogg’s heroes sponsored. In this sense, Kyle Kashuv is no friend of gun rights. In fact, he is making the culture more anti-gun by endorsing this horrific law.

Kyle Kashuv is Shifting The Overton Window to the Far Left

While Kyle Kashuv claims to be the hero of the 2nd Amendment, his anti-2nd Amendment beliefs are putting true gun rights activism at risk. The Overton Window is the window of acceptable discourse in mainstream society. Since Kyle Kashuv, who recently was hired by Turning Point USA as the Director of High School Outreach, uses social media to claim to be unapologetically and uncompromisingly pro-gun, he is affiliating pro-gun ideology with acceptance of FIX NICS, a law that will disarm more peaceful people.

In other words, he is moving acceptable public discourse to the Left. Kashuv has never called for the repeal of current gun control legislation in any published article. Rather, he has just made fun of the proposals of fellow classmates such as David Hogg without proposing any actual legal solutions until now. And when he did propose a solution, it involved one of the most repressive gun control measures in the 21st century.

What Kyle Kashuv doesn’t understand is that America’s gun laws are already too strict. You cannot purchase a select-fire weapon without going through the NFA process. All guns have to be registered at the federal level. You may not carry concealed without a permit in most states. Nonviolent offenders may not own weapons. Former prisoners do not have the right to self defense. You may not purchase a suppressor without going through the NFA process. All of these laws are tyrannical infringements upon your right to bear arms, and Kyle Kashuv has effectively been silent about all of these. If Kashuv becomes the mainstream view on what pro-gun means, then the fight is already over and America will have similar gun laws to Australia within my lifetime.

The Narrative is All Wrong

In other words, at least David Hogg is honest about his anti-gun stance. Fix NICS is a tyrannical piece of legislation that will strip the public of their gun rights. NICS already produces false positives nearly 95% of the time, and Kashuv wants to add more people to the list of “free Americans” who cannot defend themselves. Kyle Kashuv advocates this due to the rise in school shootings. But he is wrong there as well. School Shootings have actually been going down in recent years.

What happened to Kyle Kashuv is tragic. That tragedy gives him the opportunity to fight for freedom. But instead, he is fighting for gun control now. Surviving a shooting doesn’t make you an expert. Both David Hogg and Kyle Kashuv rely on experience, not numbers. They both ignore facts. Perhaps we need an informed society, not a society that follows cult figures to the grave of liberty.

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