UCLA Students Demand $40M Black Student Center After Supporting Conservative Concentration Camps

Two weeks ago, leftist students at UCLA proudly signed a petition that called for the re-education and involuntary internment of conservatives on campus.

Now, social justice warriors at the school are supporting another extreme idea.

According to UCLA’s school newspaper, the Daily Bruin, UCLA’s Afrikan Student Union is demanding construction of a $40 million black student center on campus. The goal of the student center would be to “centralize African-American organizations under a single entity, and provide adequate funding for those programs with the endowment.”

According to the Daily Bruin, “ASU demanded that UCLA implement anti-discriminatory policy, mandatory training and repercussions for policy violators”, which is strangely similar to the petition that students signed on campus two weeks ago.

UCLA spokesman Tod Tamberg told the Daily Bruin, “We recognize the persistence of racism in American life and the impacts of racism on African-American Bruins, and we take sincere and meaningful actions to address concerns when made aware of them.”

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