The Left’s Short Term Memory Loss: Hates Putin But Loved Stalin

It didn’t require much evidence or even probable cause for Hillary Clinton and the left to screech in terror at how Russia and Vladimir Putin himself was rigging our election process. Hillary had called Russia’s level of interference in our election unprecedented and Obama called Trump’s supposed flattery of the “dictator” the same. Interestingly enough, the liberal left was hardly ever so quick to judge Russia back when it was a communist dictatorship that literally killed millions.

Liberal demigod H.G. Wells, after meeting Stalin, said that he had “never met a man more candid, fair and honest”, and in fact many reporters of the New York Times showed support for Stalin and viciously denied that the Ukrainian Famine had occurred. One of these authors won a Pulitzer prize for his reporting on the USSR. This will hardly be mentioned as the New York Times brutally attacks Vladimir Putin. When the Pulitzer prize winner was confronted about the inhumane treatment and abuse that many citizens suffered under the hands of the Soviet government, his simple reply was that “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs”.

So when you deny mountains of evidence to support a murderous dictator because he supports your crazed communist fantasies, it’s not only forgivable but absolutely forgettable and hardly spoken of….but when you say you don’t want to go to war with the nationalist leader of Russia and think it would be better to improve our relations than drop bombs, you’re just down right deplorable and a puppet.

This kind of narrative has been pushed for a very long time with very little retaliation because, of course, the left has long controlled the media and the education of the youth. When they’ve declared it true…it dare not be questioned. It appears that that era has come to an end and war with Russia might just have been avoided.

And make no mistake… the left’s praise and adoration of dictators isn’t just something that we have to dig back into the past to see outrageous comments…this has been demonstrated fairly recently after the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. In the midst of hyperventilation and frantic panic attacks over how Donald Trump was praising such an awful dictator, many of the famous talking heads of the liberal left made sure to pay their respects to Castro upon learning of his death.

Colin Kaepernick made sure to show off his Fidel Castro t-shirt while he claimed that police officers were pretty much public enemy number one and violators of the liberty of all people of color. When Democratic congresswoman Barbara Lee heard of his death she stated, “I was very sad for the Cuban people. He led a revolution in Cuba that led social improvements for his people.”

So regardless of all the abuses of human rights suffered at the hands of Castro and the innumerable deaths and torture, he is a social justice hero…yet Vladmir Putin is a horrendous dictator because he doesn’t believe in globalism and there are stories about him killing journalists that are backed up by absolutely nothing. Also, when the right wing leader Augusto Pinochet died, he was remembered as a dictator and horrendous tyrant however, regardless of the fact that his body count was about 3,000 while Castro’s was over 100,000.

From a libertarian perspective it’s obvious that Vladimir Putin is not perfect…after all, he is a politician. But if desiring more peaceful relations with him and his country is an outright ringing endorsement, then what should we make of the millions and billions of dollars given to the Clinton family from countries that practice sharia law and treat women little better than cattle and throw homosexuals off of rooftops? Could it perhaps be that Hillary Clinton was the real puppet? Once again these inconvenient facts escaped the memory of the liberal left. We will never hear about the unprecedented way that these countries interfered in our election. Nor will the countless ways that this administration has interfered in the politics of many countries abroad be remembered. Barack Obama was not hesitant at all to put his two cents in about the Brexit referendum, and when Hillary Clinton couldn’t have the leader she wanted in Libya, she just killed him and laughed about it. No interference there at all.

Lets also remember that when Donald Trump suggested that he might challenge or not trust the results of the election if he had lost, he was called dangerous and it was said to be a threat to our “democracy”. The fact that he might have challenged the results put the medias talking heads into an absolute meltdown. But what was the left’s reaction when Al Gore lost…better yet what is their reaction now? Not only did the entire liberal left and MSM say during the election that Russia was hacking it and trying to rig it in favor of Trump, while also saying that Trump was dangerous to democracy for talking about the election being rigged for the favor of the elite… but after the election was over, violent riots broke out in the streets to the cries of “Not my president!”.

Soon after, there was even a push for a recount of the votes, which wasted millions of taxpayer dollars. Did we hear the same cries that this is dangerous to our country’s electoral process? Were the scholars and the press alarmed at this unprecedented challenging of our so called democracy? Never. And the press is depending on us to have memory as poor as they pretend to in order to hold on to any shred of relevance they still have.