Colorado Beefs Up the War on Drugs: Bans CBD Hemp Sales

Greetings Liberty Lovers,

For those of you who follow me on social media, it’s no surprise if I say to you that I have been dealing with a lot of crazy circumstances. As you know, I’m a hemp entrepreneur in the CBD market. Today I will publish what that crazy circumstance is exactly. On July 19th I got to read this wonderful email.


So naturally, being directly impacted by what is happening here, I had to attend. I was able to obtain documentation of what the background was behind this situation. The effects are drastic to put it lightly.


As you can clearly see, this has the potential to put many people in the hemp industry out of business rather quickly.

What good is cultivation if you aren’t allowed to sell your products?

Here is a copy of the email correspondence.


So after this meeting, the hemp community in Colorado was supposed to get together with one another so the industry could address the state on a reasonable way to proceed forward, so that the state’s concerns could be addressed while still allowing the hemp industry to not lose its most significant avenue for sales……

About that:


So with all this information, we now know that the FDA is trying to essentially ban CBD sales with the justification that CBD is an adulterated substance. But there is one problem with that. The results of testing that I have prove that these products are safe. Not just safe to be consumed, but the science also proves that the technique that we use (the same that commercial kitchens would employ) produce a safe product.

Read our results here

Now these standards of testing are for medical marijuana. As you can see, this method and product meet and exceed standards set by the medical marijuana market. Food standards are far less stringent. That doesn’t mean they are less important, it just simply means that one doesn’t need to meet such complex standards to create a product safe for human consumption. There is no reason for the Colorado Department of Health and Environment to be taking cannabis related guidelines from the FDA when the stance of the federal government is in clear opposition to Cannabis law in Colorado. This is nothing more than the FDA trying to ban products they don’t like. The data here is clear. The FDA is trying to influence the Colorado markets.