Antifa Terrorist Killed By Hero Cop, Potentially Stopping a School Shooting

Image: YouTube

A basement dwelling commie drew his firearm on an officer in Oregon a few weeks ago, and the incident didn’t end as intended.

Charlie Landeros, who was a member of an armed Antifa group known as the Red Guards, showed up at his daughter’s middle school a few weeks ago to try to pick her up on January 11th.

According to TheTruthAboutGuns, “Cascade Middle School administrators, however, knew that he had recently lost custody of his child and called police to remove him from school property. What they didn’t know was Charlie had a gun on his hip along with a backpack full of loaded magazines and more 9mm ammunition.”

Knowing Landeros did not belong on the school’s property, the police asked him to leave. Landeros failed to cooperate with the officers and got violent with them, drawing his firearm on the police. The officers opened fire on Landeros, killing him on the scene.

At least his mom’s basement will have a little more space now.