Kaitlin Bennett Announces Open Carry Walk at University of Cincinnati

Gun rights activist Kaitlin Bennett went viral in May after taking a graduation photo at Kent State with an AR-10 rifle. Months later, she hosted an open carry walk at her alma mater, which was met with resistance from Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Bennett spent the next few months gaining popularity on the Internet and recording videos for Liberty Hangout and InfoWars.

This past weekend, she visited the University of Cincinnati to interview students about the government shutdown and the Covington Catholic High School controversy. While she was at the university, students there openly stated that the high schoolers at Covington Catholic deserve to be shot up for wearing MAGA hats. Others threatened violence against Bennett and wished harm upon her.


Bennett vows to return to the university because of their treatment of right-wingers. This time, she plans on hosting an open carry walk.

Bennett tweeted, “We won’t continue to be intimidated by the violent left.”