City Council Worker Flips Off Gun Owners, then Runs Away When Confronted



On Monday, approximately 600 gun owners rallied in front of the City-County building in Pittsburgh to protest the city’s latest gun control initiative. The legislation, which was drafted in the wake of the Tree of Life synagogue shooting, would ban AR-15 rifles and other semi-automatic rifles.

The We Will Not Comply rally aimed to gather gun owners who refuse to give in to the city’s unlawful legislation. Though the rally saw very few counter-protesters, one man who works for the city council office took it upon himself to give a middle finger to the gun owners during the rally.



The gun owner who was flipped off saw the worker in the office, and decided to confront him about his behavior. The worker nods when accused by the activist, admitting to flipping him off. He remains silent when asked who he is and what his title is, then pulls out his cell phone and walks away.

The secretary refused to answer who the man was and acted as if she didn’t know him. After continuing to be questioned on this, she ordered the police to remove the gun rights activists from the office.

Watch the scene below:

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