Kent State Professor Attacks Conservative Student Online, Says She Belongs On a Lonely Island

This Wednesday, April 19th, left wing groups at Kent State University held a silent protest on campus for gun control. Students from the Black United Students group, the Socialist Collective, and Students for the Justice of Palestine marched through campus holding signs, sporting duct tape over their mouths.

Liberty Hangout was on the scene to try to interview students who took part in the protest, but no one wanted to talk. Kaitlin Bennett walked through with a microphone in her hand asking them what they hoped to accomplish with this protest, and her questions were met with silence.

After releasing the following footage to Facebook, a professor at Kent State University commented with her opinions on Ms. Bennett.

Gabriella Paar-Jakli, a political science professor at Kent State University, said that Ms. Bennett “could go to a lonely island”, and that “she does NOT belong to Kent State.”

Ms. Bennett told Liberty Hangout,

“It’s disheartening to see a professor who welcomes students that want to take away our second amendment right, but not a student who wants to ensure everyone has the right to defend themselves.”

We reached out to Professor Paar-Jaakli for comment and will update the story if she responds.