Pittsburgh City Council Lies to Gun Owners and Order Police to Remove Them

Pittsburgh City Council Caught LYING to Gun Owners After Open Carry Rally. Watch below:

On Monday, January 7th, an estimated 600 gun owners rallied on the steps of city council in Pittsburgh to protest the city’s attempt to ban AR-15 rifles and other semiautomatic weapons.

At the conclusion of the event, the rally’s organizer, Justin Dillon, sought comment from Mayor Bill Peduto on why he supports this legislation. Since the mayor was not in his office, Dillon marched over to the city council chambers to seek comment from them instead.

A secretary at the front desk can promptly be seen shooing away a city council member to prevent them from walking by the front desk. The secretaries proceed to lie to Dillon and say that no council members were present that day.

Dillon and fellow activists entered the chambers hoping to get an answer on the city’s proposed legislation, but were instead left asking the city council office why they were lied to.

After getting no answers, the activists left the office, but entered back in to confront an office worker who gave the middle finger to one of the gun rights activists. The secretary again offered no help, and would not answer who the worker was.

The secretary had enough and ordered police officers to remove the activists from the chambers.

For more, see Ford Fischer’s footage on News2Share.

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