Zuckerberg strikes again: Deletes Pro-Trump Facebook Page God Emperor Trump

On May 8th, one of the biggest pro-Trump platforms on Facebook was deleted with no explanation whatsoever from Facebook. Not only was the page deleted, the admins of the page weren’t given any violation warnings from Facebook’s community standards. This means the admins of the page will not be able to appeal the decision, the page is just simply gone.

This isn’t the first time and certainly won’t be the last time Facebook randomly removes a libertarian or conservative Facebook page without an explanation. This is especially damaging as Facebook is already a very left leaning outlet and God Emperor Trump, a page with over 330,000 likes and its affiliated group with over 11,000 members was one of the few major outlets for conservatives on the site. You can read the full story about God Emperor Trump here.

It’s painfully obvious Facebook and other left leaning social media outlets are getting more intolerant of right leaning platforms. Maybe its time for right wing outlets to take their bases elsewhere.


Joseph is a 23 year old Conservative Libertarian. He is the current President and a founding father of the Turning Point USA chapter and secretary of the College Republicans chapter at the University of Connecticut. Joseph is very passionate about defending free speech and promoting both libertarian and conservative causes on college campuses and beyond.