Antifa Terrorist Arrested for Burglaries, Bombs and Chemicals Found in Home

A 43 year old man named Mark Einerwold was served an arrest warrant on Tuesday in connection to three burglaries in South Dakota.

According to KDLT News,

“While serving the search warrant, detectives found what they say were bomb making materials and chemicals. The Sioux Falls Police bomb squad were called to the residence and authorities evacuated the surrounding area.

Authorities say they found multiple explosive devices as well as aluminum nitrate and aluminum powder, which authorities say have no use other than for an explosive device.”

KDLT also reports that “multiple items related to Antifa, an anti-fascist militant group” were found in Einerwold’s residence. It is unclear why Einerwold held explosives in his possession, but authorities believe they stopped something from happening.

An investigation into Einerwold’s possession of the explosives is now ongoing, according to KDLT, and further charges are expected.