Black Lives Matter Leader Creates Database for Suspected Racists, With a Swastika as the Logo

The American left has been no stranger to irony over the past few years. From voting for Hillary Clinton while railing against the 1%, to blocking traffic while arguing for free movement, to enjoying the fruits of capitalism while arguing for socialism, their raging hypocrisies know no end.

Despite their impressive list of hypocrisies, the left may have finally reached peak irony this week, however.

Black Lives Matter leader, Tariq Nasheed, created an online database to register suspected racists. Yes, these supposed anti-fascists literally created a database to track and harass anyone accused of being a bigot (which could be anyone that does not fall in line with the left’s Marxist agenda).

After facing an inordinate amount of criticism for creating the website, it appears to have been since taken down. However the site was previously operational, and names such as Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos, and Bill Maher made the list. Also included was YouTube star Philip DeFranco, who was furious at Nasheed, asking “he trying to get me killed?”

But if you thought the ironies stopped there, you were wrong. The logo for this website was, believe it or not, a swastika. Yes, you read that correctly. Take a look for yourself.

As mentioned, the left continues to impress with their ironies, but this one takes the cake. It will be very difficult to outdo this.