Austin Petersen Announces He’s Running for US Senate as Republican

In 2016, many small government minded Americans were extremely disillusioned with their choices. They were forced to choose from a small plate of rotten fish when they wanted a buffet of steaks.

This propelled a vast interest in third party candidates, and for the first time in American history, it looked like maybe 2016 would be the year they could make a big dent in the political landscape of our country.

Libertarian blogger and entrepreneur Austin Petersen decided to enter into the picture after it became evident that Rand Paul’s presidential campaign was on the brink of collapse. He entered into the Presidential race as a Libertarian candidate, challenging former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, and tech mogul John McAfee.

Petersen allured Constitutionalists, and drew in a large crowd of grassroots activists from across the country, but fell in 2nd place at the Libertarian National Convention. While it seemed like the end of a journey at the time, it appears that his political career was only just beginning.

Austin Petersen is now announcing that he will be running for US Senate as a member of the Republican Party, in an attempt to oust Claire McCaskill (D-MO) from her Senate seat in 2018.

In a guest piece published on, Petersen writes,

“Since President Donald Trump’s unexpected victory last November and Republicans’ triumphant return to congressional majority, Washington has returned to business as usual. After running on repeated promises of minimizing government and ending federal micromanagement of American lives, Republicans have shown themselves unable to pass any substantive reforms.

Missourians deserve better than this. They deserve a government that faithfully represents them, not one that favors lobbyists and special interests. They deserve a government that pushes for real reform, not one that accepts milquetoast, watered-down solutions. Above all, they deserve a government that trusts them to manage their own health care, their own religion, their own finances and their own lives.

This is why I’m running to represent Missouri in the United States Senate. I want to give Missourians — and indeed all Americans — the kind of government that is worthy of them. Although I ran for president in 2016 as a Libertarian, I intend to make this run for the Senate as a Republican.”

Read the rest of Austin’s letter here.