The Best Way a Libertarian can Advance Liberty is by… Voting for Republicans? Yep.

2018’s election cycle is already being talked about and is expected to make a bold statement on the country’s values, after Donald Trump upset Democrat elite Hillary Clinton less than a year ago. The big questions are: Can the GOP retain/expand their Senate majority? Can the Democrats make progress at the state level? Which vulnerable House Republicans can survive the controversial Health Care bill that sent angry constituents into town halls demanding answers?

Well, only time can answer these questions, but there is an important question that is not being asked, at least not yet. When will libertarians be elected to these positions? The answer: As soon as 2018. The problem? They won’t have (L) next to their name. It will be an R.

2016 showed more of the same. Third parties in America just can’t win elections, at least not national ones. The Libertarian Party’s most successful election yet barely got 3% of the popular vote. The reality is 3rd parties continue to lose while Republicans and Democrats continue to win. If liberty and small government has a real shot at winning, it has to be under the GOP.

“Oh no! You’re joining the dark side!”

No, not really. Former presidential candidate and US representative Ron Paul did it. He ran as a Republican for Congress and won. If Ron Paul ran for Congress as a Libertarian, we probably would not be talking about him today. Instead, he tapped into a beautiful movement and inspired organizations like Young Americans for Liberty.

Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and Conservatives everywhere, this is a message for you. At the very least, primary for a liberty-minded candidate in 2018. They need you. America needs you. It is no small thing to send the next Ron Paul, Rand Paul, or Thomas Massie to Washington or your state capital. It takes a movement, and something as small as a primary vote can go a long way.

Worst case scenario? The freedom loving candidate loses his/her primary election and you vote for the Libertarian in the general. Best case scenario? The Austin Petersen’s, Patrick Colbeck’s, and Eric Brakey’s of the world can lead us to a better and freer America.

It’s up to you to make America great again. Don’t let a letter change your mind.