Paul Joseph Watson Trolls CNN: Makes Them Advertise That They’re Fake News

Paul Joseph Watson of Alex Jones’ Infowars is no stranger when it comes to trolling leftists and the mainstream media, and he took the Internet by storm earlier today with perhaps the most ingenious trolling of all time.

Watson has been a vocal critic of Black Lives Matter and didn’t mince words after the recent Chicago kidnapping. But in an attempt to distance the Black Lives Matter movement from the incident, CNN ran an article titled Police: No link between Chicago torture video and Black Lives Matter

In the article, they included a tweet from Watson and others to highlight the backlash against Black Lives Matter after word of the kidnapping went viral. Watson proceeded to troll CNN by changing his Twitter name to “CNN is Fake News ;-)” so that this would appear on the article.

Watson’s tweet was later removed from the article, but another man who had his tweet featured in the piece decided to change his name to the same thing as well. It appears his tweet has since been deleted from the article too.