Are People Who Question 9/11 Crazy?

Greeting Liberty Lovers,

It is the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that struck the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. This day was a pivotal change in the lives of all Americans, not just those who lost loved ones in the event, but for all Americans.

All Americans are subject to the results of 9/11. From foreign policy to domestic treatment of the citizens, at minimum, 9/11 has been used as an excuse to remove our freedoms in the name of protecting us from those who allegedly hate our freedoms. And although some have been impacted by this in ways that can never be comprehended by others, the implications of 9/11 truth are too profound to ignore.

If you think that the conspiracy theory regarding 9/11 is absurd, you owe it to yourself to investigate and discover the truth to put the issue to rest, to exonerate the state and end the confusion. Wouldn’t it be nice to do that publicly? And what if the state is completely innocent? Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could prove to the families the official story is correct?

Now if you lost someone and are absolutely frustrated with how the government has handled this event with secrecy, and refused to act in a pragmatic matter in accordance with a government concerned about its citizens in a foreign attack, you don’t need me to explain to you the magnitude of what 9/11 truth means.

I’m not going to go super deep into the event here, but I do want to give you some things to think about, as well as point you to objective information that you can use to judge for yourself. Many people are mentally handicapped on this issue. But it is not because they lack intelligence or don’t care. The reality of 9/11 paints a very different picture of the world from the one that many of us started in. That the government is our ever vigilant protecter and although it is inept in some regards, it has the intellect and the force required to keep us safe. The conception of the thought that the state would ever do anything to harm its citizens is typically automatically rejected, even in the face of police murdering citizens in the street daily without consequence. But before we go around screaming “9/11 was an inside job!”, what has garnered the favor of so many Americans to such a perception?

Is it popularity? Is it just fun to blame the government? Are truthers just misguided morons? Who should we believe? The government? The mainstream corporate media? Popular publications supporting the state narrative? The 9/11 commission report?

I say don’t believe anyone. At all. Research on your own. Draw your own conclusions. I don’t know about your thoughts, but history tells us that government and the media aren’t exactly known for their merits of truth in the height of the power of the state. But It’s also unwise to just believe anyone who has an opinion.

Luckily for you there is literally TONS of information out there that you can obtain that can be cross referenced and verified for reasonable authenticity. There’s tons of video on youtube from people on the ground when the event happened. There’s tons of media reports and video. There’s lots of science. Now although it has taken the work of experts to verify aspects of 9/11 truth that we should be thankful for, it doesn’t mean you need to have tons of advanced degrees to formulate a pretty accurate opinion from the details that are available in the public domain.

Let me ask you a question. If I were a supervillain level criminal and I wanted to commit a crime of the likes so grandiose that most people couldn’t believe it, how awesome for me would that mental barrier be if I actually pulled it off?

On the surface if all you have ever did to learn about 9/11 was watch the news and read Popular Mechanics and the 9/11 report, things seem pretty simple. Some religious extremists flew to America and perpetrated the most sophisticated attack against an enemy with every conceivable advantage and pulled off the impossible. They stole multiple planes and crashed them into their targets, successfully becoming martyrs to their cause. The government did an investigation, concluded the same, and it’s an open and shut case. All we have to do is give up our liberties and we don’t have to worry about security at all. Done deal right?

Wrong, there is a fundamental problem with 9/11. You can look anywhere into the event, and I mean literally anywhere, you will find all sorts of government action that doesn’t line up with a concerned agency acting in the interests of protecting its citizens. There is all kinds of controversy on almost every point. Why? I would think if it was a cut and clear case of these people did this or that and it is what it is, that the government would have had a very simple time proving that.

There would have been no need for controversy. There would have been no burning passion on the behalf of those who lost loved ones as a result of the event because it would have made sense to them. There would have been no army of engineering and architectural professionals to analyze the events to try to draw more conclusive evidence beyond what the state has said for professionals would have readily agreed with everything that the state has said. If there were no mystery to be solved, more and more people would not be siding with any alternative narrative. For if the state had the apparent truth, there would be no reason to go digging for more answers, especially if there were none to be found after 15 years.

Let’s flash forward to today. Our presidential candidates are a criminal and a corporatist. The Clinton foundation is literally a front for corruption, and the FBI won’t prosecute because it implicates anyone with any pull in Washington. Clinton herself won’t be prosecuted because by the FBI’s own admission, they just won’t, even though they would have crucified any regular person and they have admitted that too.

Trump is a blatant corporatist who’s true motives are really unknown. Sure he knows how to talk to make conservatives happy, but he also does so by saying nothing at all. Militarized cops kill people in the streets without consequence with some of the largest reasons for said militarization being the war on drugs and needing military equipment to prevent against potential terrorists. We know the war on drugs is only a thing because police union, prison union, private prison, pharmaceutical, alcohol, and tobacco lobbying. Political crimes are just news cycle scandals where regular citizens go to prison for years over small amounts of cannabis which, has been proven to solve problems that modern medicine can’t. Meanwhile the DEA says cannabis has no medicinal value while it’s sold by various states through state sanctioned programs as medicine.

The Patriot Act passed using 9/11 as an excuse. NDAA passed using 9/11 as an excuse. Government spying and surveillance constantly receives more and more funding citing 9/11 as a legit reason, although that spying hasn’t seem to have done much of anything in the way of terrorist prevention. The Department of Homeland Security is a thing thanks to the excuse of 9/11, a type of agency that historically is always used against the people, and not for them. Allowing molestation is mandatory if you want to fly anywhere, even though the TSA has caught 0 terrorists. But they are amazing at finding your unguarded Ipad or laptop.

The media no longer publishes any harmful negative press about the government. Sure they’ll burn someone who has fallen out of grace, but their solution to everything is what power did the government not have that it needed to prevent or be effective against a thing.

Our schools are pitiful at best, radicalizing students to be snowflakes on a crusade for ambiguous reasons to silence anyone who says anything offensive, while implementing a progressively more confusing and ineffective curriculum (check out how the US performs in education globally).

Conspiracy theorists, or more popularly “tin hat nut jobs,” are terms used to describe anyone who doesn’t believe in the official Republican or Democrat narratives provided by mainstream corporate media, even though those terms weren’t often used to describe such people prior to 9/11.

It’s absolutely clear there are 3 layers of law in this country. Law for those who can afford justice. Law for agents of the state. Law for everybody else. Individual rights are constantly under assault in the name of safety. Our foreign policy is an illusion designed to protect the petrodollar to maintain value in a failing currency. The government is trying to ban guns and censor speech anyway that it can. Our country is a corporate free for all. Free for all but those who pay the price, the average joe. Socialism and corporatism are destroying opportunity, and things are getting worse and worse, and they have been my whole entire life.

Maybe I’m just crazy. Maybe I live in a delusional world that I constructed on my own, but the unfortunate reality is there is still much to the story that is being deliberately hidden. But here is my challenge to every person who believes the official story. Here is my challenge to everyone who thinks the popularity of alternate narratives surrounding 9/11 are nothing more than misguided people who like to blame government. When you get some time, watch this movie. I’m not asking you to believe it. In fact, I hope it inspires you to research the topic more. Not one time will you hear “9/11 is an inside job.” Not one time will you be subject to anything more than facts dug up by those who have found them and presented them to you. If you can approach this objectively and watch the whole entire thing and not have one single question about 9/11 afterwards, I’m curious how this article found its way to your screen considering you get your entire worldview from corporate media and the state. But I hope it makes you want to ask questions. Because if it does, I have succeeded in proving to you 2 things. 1) You aren’t crazy to question the official story. 2) You know why people are compelled to ask.


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  • September 13, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Let’s 911 victims like me sue Saudi Arabia.
    No we ain’t crazy. Those fuckers did it. Fact

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