Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio Vote to Give 9/11 Financiers $1.15 Billion

Yesterday, the United States Senate voted on an arms deal that will authorize President Obama to send $1.15 billion to Saudi Arabia. The Libertarian Republic reports that “the arms sales include Abrams tanks and associated major defense equipment.”

71 Senators voted yes on the bill, including former GOP presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. 27 voted no, including Rand Paul, Mike Lee, and Bernie Sanders. (Click here to see how your senators voted)

Two weeks prior to the vote, Senator Paul noted in a press release, “Selling $1.15 billion in tanks, guns, ammunition, and more to a country with a poor human rights record embroiled in a bitter war is a recipe for disaster and an escalation of an ongoing arms race in the region.”

Saudi Arabia has a longstanding history of human rights violations, and was also a key financier in the September 11th terrorist attacks. For 15 years, 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission Report remained hidden from the public. But earlier this summer, the 28 pages were finally declassified, ultimately revealing Saudi Arabia’s involvement in the attacks.

Much like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio sought to bolster our national security. The War on Terror was the most preeminent issue for the two of them, as combatting radical Islam was at the forefront of both of their presidential campaigns. Yet Cruz and Rubio wish to send $1.15 billion to the nation which helped orchestrate the greatest attack on American soil.

As Ron Paul aptly put it in a recent column on RonPaulInstitute.org, “No more entangling alliances with Saudi Arabia!” But for traitors like Cruz and Rubio, expanding the military industrial complex so they can continue lining their pockets with money from special interest groups is more important than an adherence to liberty and the Constitution.