All Forms of Socialism Fail For the Same Reason

Time and resources are limited. Human desires and goals are not. Every decision you make is for the purpose of employing some scarce means toward the attainment of some desired end.

Life tends to come at us kind of fast so short term goals are always changing to account for unforeseen circumstances.

For example, you may plan a weekend trip only to have your car break down just before you leave, necessitating that you pay for repairs with the money you would have otherwise used for the trip.

Or maybe you were planning on going out to grab something to eat from a local restaurant during your lunch break at work but nature unexpectedly calls and you have to choose between eating food and holding your poop in for the rest of the work day.

Or maybe you were planning on going to work but you unexpectedly got sick and have to choose between going in or buying some medicine and spending the day in bed.

Or maybe you were just planning on saving money for retirement but the government steals its purchasing power through inflation so you have to spend it on stuff you wouldn’t have otherwise spent it on before it becomes worthless.

Life is not one hundred percent predictable. As a result, subjective preferences which are expressed as a reaction to unforeseen circumstances are equally unpredictable. The only way to predict how any given individual will act in any given situation is to actually be that individual in the moment before the action is taken.

This means that no one is capable of planning anyone else’s life.

This is why socialism always fails. It causes systemic interference with the signals people depend upon for accurate economic planning, which leads to chaos.

This is also why a “resource based economy” (socialism + computers) would fail. Even a network of quantum super computers couldn’t express the preferences of an individual more effectively than that individual could because the actions of the individual ARE that individual’s expressions of preference. A computer can’t act on your behalf.

Suppression of naturally arising prices through central planning doesn’t fail because of the method through which the process is artificially suppressed; it fails BECAUSE the process is artificially suppressed.

No one knows what you want better than you do.

This is why socialism offends everyone who cares about making their own decisions about their own lives.



Speaking of failed socialist experiments, the United States Federal government and its socialist central banking system are broke.

The government is so broke that it’s been “borrowing money” (“printing” it from nothing and circulating it as a loan at interest) on the credit of unborn people for longer than most of us have been alive – all to buy votes by bailing out failed investments like Social Security and Medicare.

This party will not last for much longer. Politicians and bureaucrats can only kick the can down the road so far. The petrodollar is the only thing holding the show together, and it takes a global military presence to maintain it.

That’s why there’s no difference between Obama and Bush.

It’s also why Trump, Clinton and Sanders would be more of the same.

When the world starts trading oil for currencies other than Federal Reserve notes, price inflation will explode in America as other countries dump their dollar reserves (which have grown quite large, though to what extent is unknown thanks to the weasel Bernie Sanders nerfing Ron Paul’s FED audit bill).

The Federal Reserve is a weapon of financial mass destruction and the U.S. government is using it to demand ransom from everyone in the world. The only way out of this that doesn’t involve multiple generations of intergenerational economic servitude is to let the Federal government go out of business.

The Soviet union wasn’t too big too fail. The U.S. government isn’t either. In fact, it seems as though it already failed and is just hiding the failure by burying the unborn in $200 trillion worth of unfunded liability debt.

Don’t let the media sell you on “austerity” when this all comes to a head. Austerity just passes the buck to the unborn so that the government can keep bribing voters.