ESPN Host Accuses Kait Bennett of Being Paid to Fly from Kent to Akron, Which Is a 20 Minute Drive

On Wednesday, August 16th, Kaitlin Bennett and the Liberty Hangout crew took their camera to Akron, Ohio to film a video in front of the LeBron James I Promise elementary school. The premise of the video was to shed light on where the funding for the school is coming from, since the media hype made it seem as though LeBron was funding the school himself. The video will be released on Liberty Hangout in the coming days.

After filming the video, Bennett posted the following image to Twitter.

Bennett has been no stranger to controversy since her graduation photos with an AR-10 at Kent State University went viral earlier this summer. In the months since, she has made news wave after news wave for triggering the left with simple photographs and tweets. In fact on the same day Bennett posted this tweet in Akron, she made headlines again after posting a video of her putting up in an Apple Store to protest the company’s censorship of Alex Jones.

Her tweet in front of the school, donning a New York Knicks shirt, did not sit well with left-wing sports fans. The photo made its way around Twitter and onto the timeline of ESPN host Katie Nolan, who wanted to make her displeasure of the photo known.

Nolan accused Bennett of being funded to fly to Akron to “gather the intel.”

But there’s one small problem. Bennett is just a 20 minute drive from the school. She responded to Nolan aptly.

That’s going to leave a burn.

Perhaps if Nolan would have went to Google to gather intel just as she implored Bennett to do, she would have realized that Bennett lived right down the road from the I Promise school.

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