Liberal Travels to Kaitlin Bennett’s Hometown to Tweet Photo of His Middle Finger

A deranged liberal named Nick Pinkerton has become afflicted with a disease known as Kaitlin Bennett Derangement Syndrome. The disease, with symptoms wildly similar in nature to Trump Derangement Syndrome, possessed Pinkerton to travel all the way to Bennett’s hometown just to make a bizarre tweet about her.

According to Pinkerton’s public Facebook profile, he resides in New York City. But for some odd reason, he drove 8 hours away to Zanesville, Ohio to tweet the following photos.

After flipping the bird to Bennett’s hometown, Pinkerton wrote a follow-up tweet, apologizing to the residents of Zanesville.

Pinkerton’s tweet received the ratio treatment, racking up more than 500 responses from users who found it strange and creepy.

Bennett responded in part, quote tweeting Pinkerton and saying, “Imagine driving out to the middle of nowhere to try to own me. Liberals are so strange.”