Kaitlin Bennett Hits School Newspaper With Cease & Desist for Calling Her “White-Supremacist Sympathizer”

Last Saturday, on April 13th, gun rights activist and InfoWars correspondent Kaitlin Bennett was invited to join a panel at Slippery Rock University to answer students’ questions about concealed carry on campus. Sitting alongside Bennett on the panel was Brian McLaughlin, President of the College Republicans at Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock Mayor Jondavid Longo, and Pennsylvania State Representative Aaron Bernstine.

Days later, on April 18th, Slippery Rock University’s school newspaper, The Rocket, released a hit-piece on Bennett, titled Misfire: Inviting hate to campus. The article contained numerous lies about encounters Bennett had on campus that day, which you can read about here, or you can watch the video below.

The Rocket’s hit-piece on Bennett, which says it was written by the entire Rocket Staff, falsely accuses her of being “a white-supremacist sympathizer”, an accusation known to endanger the lives of those it is falsely attributed to.

After making numerous attempts to remedy the situation, The Rocket’s editor-in-chief, Eric Davies, failed to respond to a single one of our 4 requests to retract the article and issue an apology.

After getting no responses from The Rocket and feeling like it was their intention to put her in harm’s way, Bennett decided to issue The Rocket a cease and desist letter last night.

“It’s not okay for an outlet to go around calling someone a name they know can get them killed,” Bennett told Liberty Hangout. “I think it’s especially disgusting coming from aspiring journalists who should be taught to report on the truth, and not make up stories about how they feel.”

Bennett said all she wants from The Rocket is a retraction of their libel and a public apology for publishing misleading and false information about her.

“All they need to do is apologize. It’s not that hard,” says Bennett. “They know what they said is a lie, they know that it puts my life in danger, and they don’t seem to care.”

Bennett issued her cease and desist to Eric Davies, Adam Zook, Oscar Matous, Stephen Cukovich, Megan Bush, Heather Donat, Paris Malone, Lauren Ault, Hannah Shumsky, Hope Hoehler, Jack Hopey, Sarah Allen, the 12 members of The Rocket staff responsible for the article.