Trump Supporter & Bodyguard for Baked Alaska Stabbed 9 Times in Santa Monica

Image sources: Baked Alaska, Joe Biggs

After exiting a bar, Antonio Foreman got in his car to drive home. You could have said at this point that these events are nothing out of the ordinary. What happened next turned a night out drinking after a Trump rally into a living nightmare.

A few miles away from the bar Antonio Foreman’s car was hit. As he existed the car to exchange information he was stabbed 9 times by two Armenian men. Antonio recalled the men screaming You’re Getting The Shank White Boy” at him before he passed out unconscious from the attack.

The LAPD has told The Red Elephants that both men have been detained and are on a million dollar bond and that they believe the attack was not racially motivated.

Foreman was a bodyguard for conservative YouTuber, Baked Alaska. According to Baked Alaska, Foreman has “4 stab wounds on right flank, 1 on chest, 2 on left side, 1 across face, and 1 on neck.”

Antonio Foreman is currently in the hospital and does not have medical insurance. A medical fund has been started for Antonio Foreman, and can be found here. Here’s to a swift recovery for Foreman and his family who are undoubtedly shaken by this atrocity.