Kent, Ohio Man Threatens Law Abiding Open Carry Event at Kent State University

Three weeks from now on Friday, April 27th, Liberty Hangout at Kent State, a newly formed campus organization run under the banner of this very site, will be hosting an open carry event at Kent State University. The purpose of the event is to peacefully express our 2nd amendment rights, mingle with like-minded individuals in the area, and answer questions from those who disagree with our stance.

However after the President of the club, Kaitlin Bennett, shared the event in a Kent Facebook group, angry liberal commenters made it known that any expression of the 2nd amendment will not be tolerated on campus.

Bennett deleted her post after a number of incensed liberals left defamatory comments on the thread, and made new posts of their own about her.

Michael Pacifico, an elderly left-winger from the Kent area, left a slue of angry comments, vowing that the demonstrators “will be treated as a threat to life and limb.”

Open carry demonstrations have been held at Kent in the past, and the school and Kent State Police were likewise informed about the upcoming event. Unbeknownst to Ohio state law, gun regulations on campus, event coordination, or even the 2nd amendment, Pacifico stated that “Showing up with guns is not a way to engage in discussion. It is a form of intimidation and violence.”

Screenshot taken from the Facebook group “You Know you are from Kent if/when………..”

While arguing against the 2nd amendment, Pacifico went on to state that confronting these demonstrators is his Constitutional right.

Mr. Pacifico was not the only leftist perturbed by the event. While many commented on her thread, others made new posts about Ms. Bennett, urging the school to “come down hard on her and her friends.”

One man even claimed that Ms. Bennett does not even attend the University, despite her being a senior at the school and registered president of a club on campus.

We reached out to Mr. Pacifico for comment and he said “I don’t talk to terrorists.”

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