Feminists Threaten to Rape & Kill Kaitlin Bennett for Mocking Feminism

This past Saturday, Judge Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed into the Supreme Court after a long episode of fraudulent rape allegations, and a never ending onslaught of harassment from feminists and the radical left. 2nd amendment enthusiast Kaitlin Bennett took to Twitter to celebrate the end of the hysteria in style, filming a video of her shooting pumpkins labeled “feminism”, “fake rape allegations”, and “the blue wave”.

The peaceful and loving left immediately proved Bennett’s criticisms of feminism correct by wishing death and rape upon her for the video.

Last night, Bennett tweeted out a sample of some of the threats left-wing feminists have messaged her on Twitter, exclaiming “If you were wondering why I’m not a feminist, maybe my inbox will give you a hint.”

She followed up with five more tweets of messages she received, posting a total of 18 threats sent to her inbox. A man whom Twitter users identified as a Christian camp counselor named Bryson Bartram messaged Bennett, “I hope a guy rapes you and then you try to tell everyone and press charges and no one cares and then you die.” A woman from Florida named Carolyn Kelley told Bennett, “If only u could’ve been raped so you know what type of disgusting individuals you want running your country”.

Some feminists were brave enough to even post their threats publicly.

Leftists from Pennsylvania even tweeted their desire to assault Bennett at the Trump rally in Erie tonight. Sam Bucklin, a student at Penn State Erie, expressed remorse for the fact that Bennett was able to leave the rally unscathed. And one girl named Laura, who Bennett interviewed at the rally, admitted that she “nearly punched her” and says “i sure as shit wanted to”.

On her Facebook page, Bennett says an elderly Democrat at the rally threatened to rape her, saying “I’m going to throw you on the ground and I’m going to rape you.” Bennett caught the encounter on film and plans on releasing it on social media. She says the women around the man defended him after he made his comments.

The left has no ground to claim they are peaceful or tolerant, nor can they say that feminism is about women’s empowerment when so many wish death and rape upon Kaitlin Bennett for holding different views than them.

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