Should the Right Use the Tactics of the Left?

Ever since two right-wing protestors shut down a public play of “Julius Ceaser” at Central Park in New York (in which a Donald Trump look-a-like is stabbed to death to the cheers of blood lusting leftist crazies), the discussion on whether the right wing in America should use left wing tactics in our escalating political warfare has gotten more attention among the right.

Naturally, most right libertarians are believers in freedom of speech and therefore were quick to denounce these shenanigans and jeered that we should not be protesting as leftists protest. But of course the left does not believe in the concept of freedom of speech or private property. So should we be defending their “right” to speak freely when they have launched open warfare on the right wing in America?

The right did not start this war, nor did we ever desire to regulate speech, but the left wing in America has already opened this can of worms and they use their weapon of restricting speech and violent and invasive protesting at will against us…therefore I find it questionable to assume that it will do us any good to adhere to rules that the left largely disregards. The left will not simply lay down their guns, molotovs, bullhorns and bricks outside of our political rallies because they respect our consistency and we have therefore enlightened them to individualist truth…rather, if we do not engage with some of their own tactics, we will lose this battle completely, and when the American right has been wiped away there will be no one left in this country or possibly on earth to discuss the merits of libertarian concepts like the freedom of speech. Therefore I personally find it completely justifiable to shut down a leftist play…the question simply remains whether or not there is any benefit to adopting this sort of thing as a long term strategy.

In recent years it has become increasingly obvious that the left is the greatest enemy against liberty and all traditionalism and private property norms, which have made the most free and prosperous societies what they are. In order to protect property norms and the liberties we hold dear to us, we need a more unified front. What this means is that we must not punch to our right and drag down people that could make useful allies, rather we should have discussions on how to unify, and what the best short and long term strategies are.

There are some traditionally left-wing tactics that could serve us well in the short term. Right wingers should engage more in activism, and put up efforts to advertise events and organize with each other, and not be afraid to incorporate other elements into what otherwise might be single purpose rallies. When one watches any left wing demonstration, they will quickly notice a collage of pro-abortion and Black Lives Matter signs, along with LGBT flags. Yet all of these people are fighting and demonstrating under the same banner.

It would be wise for right to also hold events where pro-lifers, pro- free speech activists, and pro- 2nd amendment activists all gather together, thus building a larger network. The problem becomes when right wingers adopt dangerous left-wing strategies, such as violent disruptions, protests, blocking traffic, etc. Certain tactics of theirs should not be used.

All of this being said, as Tom Woods has pointed out, many things that work for the left only work for them since they are in control of the media, academia and even the deep state. After all, it would not be effective if a right winger denounced his opponents as being bigots or hating children. It would, however, do us well to recognize that by many measures the right wing in America is winning, and our leftist opponents use r-selective strategies that therefore end up blowing back in their face sooner or later, such as it did in the 2016 election.

However if we take too much from their playbook, then much like them, we will drive our opponents underground, creating a motivated resistance that might sooner or later gather a large populist following that overtakes what is then perceived to be the establishment. It has so far worked very well to simply laugh off the attacks of the left and let them continue to escalate to the point where they look more and more foolish to the general public.

In many cases we may not even have to say anything, as their actions speak for themselves. All that is needed is to give them a little push to commit complete political suicide.  So while it may just to use every tool they have ever used against us or the American people, in many cases it would simply not be very wise to carry these actions out for the long term.

In short we on the right should use whatever tools are at our disposal to finish the left’s influence, and unify like never before, but it is important that we k-selective types do not fall into r-selective traps and use these tools to our own demise. Stop dragging down allies and talk strategies and solutions.