Universal Basic Income is the Dumbest Idea I’ve Ever Heard

5. What’s “free” money called?

A bribe. What’s to stop the government from putting conditions on receiving UBI? “UBI will only be distributed to those who…” fill in the blank. If implemented, UBI will be a dangerous leverage point for the government to impose their will on the population. It will bring nothing less than the destruction of autonomy and individual worth and dignity in society. It is certainly a sizable threat to liberty.

6. But it’s better than our current system, right?

Wrong. UBI is simpler than our current system, which wastes 75% of the money dedicated to “welfare” on administrative costs. However, simplicity is its only redeeming attribute. UBI is fundamentally worse than our current welfare program and would end up hurting the poor, and, staying true to the “U” for “universal,” it would hurt everyone else too.