Why I’m Leaving the Libertarian Party

Dear friends, I have an announcement to make:

I will not be renewing my membership with the Libertarian Party this upcoming month, and will be effectively leaving the Libertarian Party. (I can hear the SJWs in the party cheer)

First I want to say thank you for the LP for giving me the opportunity and thank you to the hundreds of friends I’ve made in this movement. I also want to thank my local chapter, LPNOVA. If we ran the party, this would probably be different.

When I first joined this party, I have to admit that I was a bit naive in my understanding the difference between the philosophy of Liberty and political “Libertarianism”. I always knew there was infighting, but this is vicious infighting and when 3% of the vote is “progress”, it turns out that it can be a miserable experience.

The most important thing I learned though:

Libertarianism =/= Natural Law
Libertarianism =/= Capitalism

I was shocked when I joined this party at how many socialists claimed to be libertarians. I was shocked that people claim “as long as socialism is voluntary, it’s accepted in a Libertarian society” (by the way, socialism can never be voluntary). I was shocked at the unprofessional behavior and how shallow some “libertarian” mind sets can be. However some do not believe in Life and Property, only Liberty. They believe being libertarian means “you can literally do whatever you want, regardless of who it hurts”

On top of that, the LP National’s PR is, beyond a reasonable doubt, repulsive and repelling. LP National has quoted the Satanic Temple, has demonized Military Veterans, has repeatedly told conservatives (the only other ones interested in decreasing the scope of government) that this isn’t the party for them. They constantly demonize the pro life movement (which is huge in the LP), yet advocate implementing taxes on churches and laws against discrimination.

The Libertarian Party has no interest in becoming large enough to be a national movement that could potentially change the political climate in Washington today.

As for me:

It’s obvious the best vehicle for promoting Liberty is the GOP. However my views have not changed at all, so it will be a while before I join a party that shares a platform with Donald Trump, an invasive foreign policy, government healthcare, and an unbalanced budget.

I will no longer be calling myself “Libertarian”, so that I may distance myself from the SJWs. I’m going to stick with “Capitalist”, or even better “Lassez Faire Capitalist” for now. There is no room for socialism nor government in this equation, whatsoever. I believe in the rights to Life (from conception to natural death), Liberty (voluntary decisions that hurt nobody else), and Property (improved land or resources that belong to a single arbiter). The economic system that supports this is Capitalism, and nothing else.

As for now, I’ve realized that, for capitalists, the best political action – is Capitalism.

Politics requires no skills. You can not build anything through politics except for Government. Some of those who defend Liberty believe that an entrance into politics is the only way to limit the government. This is very very false.

Promoting Liberty is as easy as developing a skill set, creating a product that solves a problem, starting a business! That gives you political influence AND control over your own destiny.

No offense to libertarians and conservatives interning with various DC based political organizations. But they, like all political organizations, are donor run, meaning they require literally (and I mean literally) no skills unless you’re doing administrative work.

If you believe in the individual and self destiny, and especially if you believe in Capitalism- do yourself a favor and wait until you’re a successful Capitalist before pursuing a career in politics.

I will always give my two cents politically, but business is now my center of focus, not the “top 10 reasons why Donald Trump fired FBI Director Comey”.

God willing I make it, I hope to see my Capitalist friends enjoying the fruits of skill, labor, and wealth with me instead of completing mindless tasks for political cronies whose only interest is to step on you like a cockroach when they get to the top.

Oh and for those who say “Michael, you’re not a real Libertarian”, now you’re right.

In Liberty,

Michael William Miller

P.S. Taxation is theft. Buy a hat.

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